Junker - Auto Parts and Accessories Marketplace

Junker - Auto Parts and Accessories Marketplace

Junker is an advanced classified/marketplace script where users can buy and sell stuff, specially designed for vehicle parts and accessories.

Item compatibility

Not all parts fit all vehicles and Junker knows that. Listings in Junker can be associated with multiple compatible vehicles, so when your user is looking for a Nissan Pathfinder 2016 steering wheel or stereo he will get exactly what he wants.

Search Alerts

Not always we get what we wants, that’s a fact. With Junker, if your user didn’t find the part that hi is looking for, he/she can create what we call, a Search Alert. When new listings are added and any of them match the Alert criteria, an email will be sent. All Search Alerts can be disabled or deleted from the search page itself (if the search is the same as the used to created the alert) or the user account.

Message System

Users have questions, they will want to know if there’s a chance to get a better price or if that part will fit, etc… Your users will have the ability to contact the seller of each listing. All messages sent from a listing page will include the listing in the message, better yet, users can include any public listing to their messages by wrapping the listing id with square brackets (e.g.: [134]). Junker will create a link automatically when the listing id is valid.

Recurring Plans

We know that one of your main reasons to run a website is to make money, that’s we we have created a SaaS style pricing that will allow you limit and charge your users on a recurring basis. Premium features like Featured listings, Listings “On Top”, number of images per listing and listing duration can be controlled for each plan! You can charge your users weekly, monthly or yearly. You also have the ability to add a free trial to your plans!


Junker was created with “internationalization” in mind, Categories, Listing Conditions, Pages and UI text can be translated to any language. (Listings aren’t translatable out of the box, this is for simplifying the listing creation for the users). English and Spanish languages are included out of the box.

Data included

Junker is ready to start. You don’t need to add site categories, geographical data (what countries are included?), vehicle makes, models, years or item conditions. Junker comes preloaded with all of this out of the box.


  • Multi language ready (English, Spanish included)
  • User roles and permissions for administration panel
  • Create/Edit Pages
  • Create/Edit Menu Items
  • Payment Receipts (users can print their receipts!)
  • Payment Completed, Failed, Pending Email notifications
  • SaaS Style plans/pricing/subscriptions
  • PayPal REST API
  • PayPal Webhooks
  • Countries, Regions, Cities (Click here to see the list of included countries)
  • Disable/Enable Countries, Regions, Cities
  • Easy installation of Countries (Two steps!)
  • Vehicle makes, models, years and options
  • Listing Conditions (new, used, refurbished, etc) with description!
  • Listing Compatibility (add multiple compatible vehicles, unknown or universal compatibility)
  • Messenger (Users can send messages to each other!)
  • Listings can be attached to messages
  • Search Alerts (user get an email when new listing match their search criteria!)
  • Custom built payment system
  • Custom built messenger system
  • Responsive design (frontend and admin panel)
  • Email templates
  • Menu management (header and footer links)
  • User profiles
  • User profile avatars
  • User profile covers images
  • Custom fields based on category (new!)

Demo – Current Version (what comes with your purchase)

Front Link:
Admin Link:

Demo – Latest Version (next update)

Front Link:
Admin Link:

Demo Account – Works on both websites

Server Requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • Mbstring Extension
  • OpenSSL Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring Extension
  • Tokenizer Extension
  • cURL extension
  • GD Extension
  • Memory_limit no less than 256MB (preferably 512)

The installer will verify all requirements (from v1.1.0).

If you have questions please contact me or leave a comment!