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hi, is there any power ups or items in the game?

Not at the moment, no. We are currently working on an update that adds variable building sizes, so we might squeeze in a powerup or two! Video preview will also be included with the next update. The update should be out within a day or two.

A sample powerup is now in the game.

Also seems to be missing the double jump feature from teh main game concept…

any idea of the updates you mentioned in terms of time – before I start modifying the game :)

We’ll be sending the update to Envato soon, so it should be out tomorrow(ish)!

The update is out now!

great stuff, will check it out :)

hi im wondering how to actually play the game. your live demo in the appstore cost money so i cant test it out unless you can make it free.

It uses the “one touch” mechanic, so the player jumps when you tap on the screen. The world gets randomly created each time and as it progresses. The game also gets faster and harder the longer you play. There will be a video preview available with the next update, so hope that will sort it all out.

The update is out now and there’s a video preview available.

Is the update OK? can’t wait to see the new version…: )

Yup, the update is out now. :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Game looks great, can you please let us know if the new source code update is available, and if it is.. whats included in the update!


The update is out and we’ve also added update notes to the main page, so you can follow along on what’s been added!

RE: Everyone

Update notes have been added to the main page, so you can easily see what’s new.

Todays update contains the following:

  • Buildings now have a random width
  • Building generation has been tweaked, so there are no impossible jumps
  • Added a Powerup (Double Jump), which randomly spawns and expires on it’s own
  • Full iOS 8 support
  • Further optimized for iPads

Do you require the graphics to be changed, or can we release as is?

While we do not require any change to the graphics, we do recommend changing at least some of them, or at the very least adding your own title screens etc. :)


How do I change the background screen color from orange to other color ???

This should be covered in the documentation. You simply change the [SKColor …] code to say, for example [SKColor blueColor] and you’re done!

No Restore button for remove ads.

Good catch! We’ll be sure to add one in the next update. :)

This has been added in version 1.0.3 which we just submitted to Envato and should be available later today.

When are you including the restore button? I was going to get this code! Then I realized this and I’m pretty sure apple won’t approve my app if it does not have a restore button

Let me know when it is ready to upload

We’ve sent the update to Envato for review and it should be available today.

RE: Everyone

Update notes have been added to the main page, so you can easily see what’s new.

Todays update contains the following:

  • Added a Restore Purchases-button
  • Resized the Remove Ads-button
  • Further optimized iPhone 6 and 6+ support

Okay guys. The code showed up some errors so I had to clean it up!

1. Th revmob folder is not working so I had to delete it and drag it to the frameworks again 2. it has an unnecessary icon that I had to delete

And I would like to know how to ad a launching image because it just shows a black screen

Thanks guys

We cancelled the version 1.0.3 submission and submitted version 1.0.4 a few minutes ago. If you check the main page of the product, you’ll see the release notes. We can confirm that in-app purchases are indeed working, but had to make a slight change to how ads are disabled after purchase/restore. We also added the launch icons, updated RevMob SDK and removed the extra app icon. Make sure you’re using XCode 6!

Sweet guys.. I’m speechless! You have a really good service! Thanks for your quick response!

When am I ging to be able to download the new version?

It’s unfortunately up to CodeCanyon/Envato on when they will approve it, so it might be today, might be tomorrow, might be on monday. You should receive an email about it, though. :)


When playing, and when the guy “dies” the app crashes. Any way to fix this?

We definitely haven’t seen any crashing before. What device and iOS version are you using? Also, does this happen every time, or only sometimes?

I am running the program on my iPhone 6 device (ios 8.0.2). Whenever the game ends, ever single time, the game crashes.

Can’t seem to be able to reproduce this, so it’s definitely iPhone 6/6+ only. Could you send an email to support (at) didstopia dot com, and we’ll send you a test build, just to get detailed crash reports that we can then analyze?


should i re-skin the app before sumbit the game to the app store or can i just upload without touching?

it will be approved? what i need to do before upload it?


While you can use the assets included, we advise changing at least some of the assets to avoid any confusion or trouble with being approved. You can edit the images directly, just change some coloring here and there, and the changes will apply to the game.


Does this app work for iPhone 6/6+ as well? Also will re skinning the app be easy? Thanks

Junk Punk has been tested and works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Reskinning is as easy as modifying or swapping out the images!

Hi. My app got approved. But, I don’t know why the banner is blank! Can you guys help me?

If you mean the ad banner, and you’re using iAd, it’s only blank when there are no ads to display. We’re working on either hiding it when no ads are available, or alternatively displaying RevMob ads instead, if the RevMob ID is set.

Could I get a 1024×1024 version of the app icon please?

We’ll include the icon with the update that we’re submitting to CodeCanyon today!

Also, I’m getting an error message saying that there is no 120×120 app icon when delivering the .api with the Application Loader although there is an icon of those dimensions. Here is a screenshot of the Application Loader when I try to upload the .ipa

Found the issue. It seems like it’s a bug on Apple’s part, but it’s easily fixable. If you open XCode -> Image assets, then remove the Carplay icon (which is the 120×120 icon), you won’t get the error anymore. Solution found here:


RE: Everyone

The following changes have been submitted for review (version 1.0.5):

  • Added support for pausing the game, so the game doesn’t continue in the background. Unpausing will reset the game (for now), proper pause/continue will be implemented later.
  • Fixed both iAd and RevMob hiding their banners when an ad could not be loaded.
  • Added all icon sizes to the new Icon folder, including a 1024×1024 version of the icon.