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Bro, can you add the achievements in this game? I want buy this and your other games, but i want achievements added. Ok?

Ohh sorry , willbe live within hour

Ok… i want buy now bro. Can you add achievements in this game for me?!? :) Do you have skype?? I want support your hard work by buying your games, but it’s necessary for me and my gamers which the games have achievements for xp points

Some bugs: 1) Google play services: signin error (no access to play services) 2) No button for deactivate sounds

Hello, the achievements are available?

Hello! Friend There are no ads admob mistake in the application are shown.

hello, please contact me skype: wapoystudio or mail me cyberspaceneo@gmail.com.We will resolve this issue

i have this problem with admob ads ! and dont work in the game ( R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version! ) please resolve it

Hey, Here is our skype: wapoystudio or email us cyberspaceneo@gmail.com. We will resolve this issue :)

Interstitial don’t apear when i export apk can you help me ?


yeah sure, can you send me your codes so i can check Cyberspaceneo@gmail.com

Hello when i import the Code i get same error


can u teach me how ? please

It that the lience key “private_key”: “-BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-................\n-—-END PRIVATE KEY--\n” ??

okey i find it

can you help me intergrated startapp ads ? startapp.com

why this game stopped when i start play in genymotion http://i.imgur.com/OLfKSPp.png

OK fin , but when i click In Fire Game bug

Can u send Me your Skype please ?

i try to run this game in Bluestacks , but it already Same error when i click in button fire Game stopped

Can I use this on AndroidStudio? If not how can I setup Eclipse for android?

can i import in android studio?