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nice job mate . good luck

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Work with Android Studio?

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. In our doc there is a guide for Eclipse, but there is an option to import into Android Studio, we will provide a youtube link

I have some question regarding your game.
1. Is this use Android Studio or Eclipse or Buildbox, or maybe use both?
2. In this game you include buildbox, how about buildbox licence? can use it freely or I still need the licence monthly like stated on their website?

Hello! 1) as it is pointed out in the item description the item has both BuildBox and Eclipse projects. 2) as well for the 1 point, it is pointed out in the item description that buildbox is included even in a regular license. buildbox offer 1 mo free trial for its software.

Hi, I want to buy but i need to know is it full source code and license ? i need to change character and do some changes

Hello! This item includes BuildBox Project, thus it is a full source code. Feel free to purchase and change anything.

Very nice job dude =)