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Hi, I purchased the code and imported the project, now I am facing this exception on Android:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.boontaran.games.StageGame

Kindly let me know what could be the issue. Thanks. :)

Hi, I have the same problem, please help.

Hi, pls contact me through my profile page (PM) to describe what is the problem.


Hi, sorry for the inconvenient, i solved getting the classes from the file game_lib.jar

Hi I purchased this game today I imported to Eclipse I get alot of errors , I follow the documentation step by step still no luck.. could you help us pls.

Hi, pls send me a private message with all information you have, (screenshots, error message, etc). Thanks’

mas saya mau tanya kalo game ini pake SDK mobile google ads (admob) nya versi berapa ? soalnya saya dapat email dari google kalo mulai september 2016 yang pake SDK mobile google ads (admob) DIBAWAH 7.0 maka iklan nya tidak bisa tayang… Thanks

sory gak nemu juga, pastikan aja play service nya up to date (sdk manager)

waktu mas terakhir update game ini (saya lihat tanggal 24 April 2015) .

pertanyaan saya: waktu update itu, SDK Admob nya di upgrade dengan yang baru gak ? Kalo update dari bulan maret 2015 berati gak ada masalah.. soalnya versi 7.0 rilis bulan maret 2015

is there any update for android studio ? please

really?, pls contact me through PM , thanks’

here is the link for screenshot when i touch play button http://picpaste.com/Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_21.39.59-Jv4Tiom0.png

I’ve replied your PM

Please help me i changed some images in JungleBike/raw_image but after i running packer.java the packed image in JungleBike-Android\assets\images didn’t changed to the new graphic !! what should i do ?!

Hi , did you purchase the game?

hello my friend How do I solve the problem of a question mark

hello if i buy cod source can you help me get privacy policy ?

sorry, I can’t help you to create it.

Great work mate , good luck

how i can import Jungle Bike to android studio

First, you need to purchase the game, then the docs will guide you the steps.


Edit android/build.gradle, find this line and change it also : commandLine ”$adb”, ‘shell’, ‘am’, ‘start’, ‘-n’, ‘com.boontaran.games.junglebike/com.boontaran.games.junglebike.AndroidLauncher’

what i should chagne in this? all or just first ‘com.boontaran.games.junglebike/


aybfb Purchased

Hy please how can i use separated images without use pack.png to change skin

edit the separated images under raw_images folder, then run Packer.java to generate a new pack.png. your new images will be automatically placed inside pack.png