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Hello, I mailed You about NDK issue, Please reply me soon.

What you bought? and you want to refund?

Actually i bought two copies of jungle Adventures. why would someone need same two games? Here is screenshots : 1) http://prnt.sc/cshbfu 2) http://prnt.sc/cshc7m

Now you will you refund it directly or i fill form to get refund?

Now i understand, but no problem now you have tow licenses, you can upload tow copies of game to the google play if you want to refund fill refund form, thanks.

after migrate app into android studio, banners dasn’t be show

Use Eclipse please.

am using android studio am run app but not working please need your support

Please use Eclipse.

not working using eclips many error no response from ur side please update me even am send u print screen of issue

if the problems not solved until now send your teamviewer id by email.

Hello, Is there no banner ads while playing ????

Sorry, but shame on you :) YOU SHOULD write it in your description !!!!

This game have AdMob Banner & Interstitial ads, but don’t have banner in game play screen, but it’s have in the game.

now am use eclips but still many error am open project as per ur document file please help

Explain to us the problem in detail …

can u come in my tv please

Can I change all Information about “Copyright etc.”?

App suspend again and again what the issue even am change images please tel me

the suspend not from the game but you have used copyrighted graphics or keyboard.

http://prntscr.com/dhysgv Suspend even am change name please clear the issue thanks

the suspend not from the game but you have used copyrighted graphics or keyboard.


I have no errors at the time of generating the APK. But the character of the game does not jump twice when I press the jump button, so it is impossible to complete some actions.

Do you have a solution or a new version of the project?

Hello, W’ll see the problem and write answer ASAP. Thanks.

Here is the generated APK. It works normally, but does not show ads and the character does not jump twice as it does in the demo version. http://dl.dropbox.com/s/asj3b0tnvo9a44q/JungleAdventures.apk

Hello, are you working on a solution to the problem? When are you going to fix it?

buildbox games _

Hello can i make it with android studio??

Hello developer, you still support this game?

if some one want to buy somthing in game .. how can i change your informations and put my to accept payment ?