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Nice work GLWS

hi which software i need to reskin the game ? Buildbox + xcode or other ? where the admob banner and interstitial are displayed ?

hello, you can reskin the game without buildbox only photoshop and xcode, but if you want you can purchase bbdoc file! please contact us for more information, the ads is shows in everywhere in the game.

Don´t you think it would be a great idea to write in the description that all the images that is used in the game has to be changed? And not only in the description in the zip file that you get when you have bought and downloaded it?! Not a big problem for me but maybe for someone else!

All graphic assets you can’t use them. They are copyrighted.

yeah but if i buy all these: 1. Some graphic elements designed by simirk 2. Some graphic elements designed by pasilan 3. Some graphic elements designed by j0schi 4. GUI graphic designed by CreationArchive 5. Music by Juanmares

Then you should be ok to use the app as it is?

Yes if you buy it you can use them.

Were exactly do i put the iap id? Does not work when i put it were it says in the documentation? The buy button disapears then.

<key>DOES NOT WORK HERE</key> <string>264494</string> <key>className</key> <string>PTModelObjectButtonPurchase</string> <key>Name</key> <dict> <key>value</key> <string>500 coins</string>

What do you mean?

when you press credits in the app, there are 3 buttons, the one on the left doesnt do anthing, the other 2 some links to facebook.

Give us some screenshot

Hic, This package doesn’t have the source code. So we can’t edit source code. It’s a waste to buy it.

Send me full sourcecode, please!

Hello. There is the way to add more money in the game to have more levels unlock by default? I’d like also to test the levels without to play all myself on the simulator. Thanks. Greg

Sorry no any methods yet.

I want buildbox file , mailed you already pls reply .

What is the cost of buildbox file , I mailed you pls do reply .

How many levels are there ? can you add more and how ?

it’s have 19 levels, you can add new levels if you buy Buildbox project.

i can acces to all lelvel for chnage the templete ?

contact us in facebook in fb.com/superstudiosofficial and we will response to you quickly.

can you please have a video or document for setup InApp Purch?

The item is already have documentation for in-app purchase.

my app is rejected, i get this message from apple Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 10.0.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6

Hello, You can contact us and we will send to you app without IAP.

I sent you a message please check your email

We have sent to you the source code without IAP, please check your email inbox.

i’m still waiting to send me soure code without iap please check your email

please check your email inbox now.

Received Thank You

Please don’t forget rate the item from your downloads page.

app in purchase is not working

I don’t understand what you mean.

hi if i purchase can you reskin and place admob unit etc…and give me finised android apk i know its not free… also i suggest the graohics should be bigger( zoomed in more,its too zoomed out and charater looks tiny)

ok thanks will get to you when ready

ok thanks will get to you when ready

Very nice job dude

hi , the source code has an old admob SDK , will you upgrade it to the last admob sdk? because the ads will no longer work . Beginning Jan 23, 2018, Google Mobile Ads SDK versions older than 7.0.0 for Android and 7.0.0 for iOS will no longer be supported. Publishers with these older versions will not be able to serve ads in their apps(s). Please ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK