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the game doesn’t work on iPhone browsers (Chrome, Safari). Can you fix it?


Great, thanks! I’ll buy it!

Thanks, However Codecanyon will take some time to update the files. If you buy it now, you will be notified when Codecanyon approved the latest update.

it’s has apk for android ?

There is no apk among the files. However there is a step by step guide that shows you how to get the apk using Intel xdk.

can i use your graphics or reskin?

You can absolutely use my graphics.

When I open the CAPX file, it reports a missing addons: Behavior ‘Text properties’ by Rex.Rainbow. Where can I get this?

Thank you for your prompt response.

By the way, when I try the game in Chrome, the console logs this warning message, I couldn’t figure out where is the problem:

“[Construct 2] Function object: in function ‘playsound’, accessed parameter out of bounds (accessed index 1, 1 params available)”

Yes, PM me so I can send you the updated version.

Thank you for your help. It solved the problem.

What is the software I can use to build iOS app?

2 steps to export to iOS: 1- You need Construct2 to export the game to a Cordova project. 2- You need Intel xdk to wrap the Cordova project into a iOS app.

Hi! It interests me a lot, but I have a question. Could you share the score on Facebook?

In this game you can’t. Pm for more info.

Just released my app on App Store based on this source, thank @aekiro

Highly recommended this developer!

Thanks and congratulations on your app :)

Do I need Construct 2 to post this on a website or is everything I need already there?

Everything you need is there, unless you want to customize the game (title, graphics etc…) then you will need Construct 2.

Where can I add the AdSense code?

It is explained in the documentation (pdf file); You will need construct2 to open the project and put your Adsense code.

I dont find it. Please help me. My project include config.txt but adsense code is not

You need to open the project in Construct2 to put your Adsense code. If you don’t have Construct2, I can put the admob for you. Please contact me by mail here: