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Hi what’s your email?

mian.yassir@gmail.com , It is also available on my profile page.

Did you upload to Apple Store? What game did you clone?

No, I have not uploaded to appStore. It’s a game template for “Jumping Fox” by thumbspire (released in late july 2015). It was featured on appStore top games few days ago.

what language is this app written in? objective c, swift or c++?

If Anyone wants a complete reskin of the game, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Email.

Thank you.

Please kindly rate the game if you liked it, thank you :) .

hello! is it optimized for iphone 6 and 6+?

The game resolution looks great on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, but the resolution is squashed and not natively scaled on all iPads and the iPhone 4s. Is there a solution for this?

Please Check your email.

I get a error when adding to itunes. UNABLE TO VALIDATE PACKAGE DOES NOT CONTAIN info.PLISt

Please check your email inbox.

Hi, im interested with your code… however im concerned with the display problem on ipads and iphone 4s as mentioned by jalamar. Is this problem solved? Thanks.

If you set up suffix names ipad, and use separate high resolution images for larger devices (ipads) when you reskin it, then it will work fine. there is no problem in the code…

Do you have plan to fix the ipad problems mentioned by mxhmembership below?

The game is optimized for Iphones for now(as mentioned in features), and some of the iPads (not all).


I thought that i could also build the android project from a Windows pc. I’ve already installed python, ndk, eclipse, java.. but I still can’t get it to work.

Best Regards, Mark Heinis

Both ios and android use different ad-networks, so i guess u cannot use thirdparty for android. try to remove references on thirdparty from the appdelegate, gamescene and all other classes or put a condition to check for android or ios and run accordingly. I guess this is why you are getting this error.

So the Android project was never tested by you!

It’s tested and is working fine with many clients, But it is not so easy to transform the project from ios to android if you are not really comfortable with it. Android project is included in all my games.

chartboost not working ?


not ipad ready, straight after download i opened in ipad simulator. and if i tap on the left side, then it jumps to the left, which is correct. if i tap near the tree on the left side, then it will jump to the right, this is incorrect. please update your code for ipad.

there’s definitely a scaling issue with the images too. the images are stretched sidewards on ipad simulator.

It is optimized for iPhone , It is not Ipad ready yet.

You have nice game. Can you add more background to the game?

the moment i download the game. MANY errors some i fix and some i cannot. can you help. i will email you shortly.

What errors ? It is working fine there are no errors in it but you can still email me I will have a look.

Can you please please clean up your code. There are high amount of comment code. Thanks.

You have block of code that is commented. I am not seeing code first time. I have found several instance like

NSString *string = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:APPIRATOR_ID]; [Appirater setAppId:@”916713138”];

tell me why would you create string and then not use it. Why would you HARD code your app ID when you have created placeholder for it.

where you have hard coded your appIDs and your Ad networks. even though people are having their apps its pulling ads from your AdID. I think you have rigged the code for your benefits.

All: Please check your code for those rigged lines. one is I just mentioned. Find it in your code and fix it. I would help you to get that correct. I am not having good faith in this developer.

@GameLabs : Looks like you don’t have anything to say ?

Read the document , Its for Appirater bug fix. Last lines in documents will help you understand the use of it.

Do you even reply to the msgs.

Is this support new Xcode without bugs?

there are bugs in the code and it will not build

Just email the screenShots on the Email ID, we’ll look into it and help you out. There might be some settings changes needed.


I don’t understand where the EMAIL ID is that I am supposed to email the screenshots too. But I got it to run by setting manual reference to yes. Now I’m trying to run it in a simulator but it breaks on the loading screen with this error background->setPosition(visibleSize.width/2, visibleSize.height/2.5);

What version of cocos2dx is it?