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when you say “Also Includes Android Project(But requires tweaking and transporting to android platform)” does this mean it’s hard for normal developer to publish in Play Store?

Its made with cocos2dx, so its multiplatform. You can research on it and check if you will be able to do it or not. That would be best

Hello. Your code is simply not working. I am getting critical errors that are preventing me from even testing an unedited version of your game. I know that it is your coding, because I have tested the product without altering it whatsoever, and following the exact instructions included in the download. I have also tested other items I have purchased using those methods, and they worked fine.

Can you send me an email regarding this issue ? or add me on skype and we can then look into this problem.

I too cannot get this to run without any modification, build errors instantly.

Send me an email regarding this, or add me to skype: yasiqb7 let me have a look at the issue, and I will send you an updated build if it keeps occuring.

No problem, could you provide me with your email address? Thanks

the game takes xcode including the file?

It works with ios 10?

it should, incase it does not then send me an email and I will help you with it over skype.

then I can buy it without problems right?

can we change the box picture with another thing like a person animal etc…?

yeah you can. no issue