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very nice game, do you have it on ios ?

yes , as soon this game will be available on ios

Good luck with sales, I’m working on a game very similar to this :)

Thank you

I would love to see it Acitrus and Nice game woo_studio. Is it possible to import to eclipse?

Yes it is

Great :D

Thank you

Hi, the game is great, but I think the source code is not enough, can you send me the full source code included native code ( Thank you so much. Actually, I want to change the color of the ball and add some artifacts. But It is impossible now :(

Hi, sorry. I understand the code now. At first, I thought there is no source code of :). Thank you for your response

No probleme sir ..we are here for you .. you can rate our game please ? i’ll be happy . thank’s

the bb project belongs to us, contact us as soon as possible

Hi there , I don’t know what do you mean , you can email us please . Thank you

Is it android studio or eclipse?.

it’s a eclipse engine project .

Can I add more levels?? It is easy to add more ??

Sorry but not you can’t add more levels

Hello, can this project run in Android Studio?

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you :)