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Sprite kit Obj C?

based on cocos2dx engine

How many levels ? Does it have sound ? How many images to reskin ? What ad networks does it have ?

How many levels ?

How many levels ?

4 long level sections as well. sections come randomly, endless game

What comes with this app? The Xcode code project?

Hello! Yes


Android version of the game is faulty and removed from the website.

yes I bought the application. You can check

I got to buy the android version

what issues did you face?

Is android version available ?? Can i check the android demo or apk file ??

Can you complete it within a week ?? i am fullyyyyy interested in buying

Most proboally with extended liscense

please, contact us via email form regarding this template

Is this developed using the plist method like your other games? I can’t do much with that,or is it native code?

Hello! Yes, our games are built using BuildBox platform, so, our projects are made for graphics reskin only. We can’t provide buildbox files for $14 for obvious reasons. Our templates are for easy and fast reskinning, this is what many buyers are looking for on CodeCanyon – nice game easy and fast for reskin for affordable price.

Does it have any inapp purchase ?

Hello! No, it does not.

i replaced the atlas_ID117.png image by accident just wondering is there a way of getting that image back

yes, for buyers there is an option to download an item again

when i got the game i didn’t have an account do i still have that option

i found it thanks a lot for the good service

Hey why wont ads work it keeps telling me game center unavailable

can you please provide the screenshots of what did you input

which input

which ad network does not work? screenshots of where and how you input ads ids. Regarding game center: did you publish an app? did you setup a leaderboard?

Hi, ads are not working. Any solution for this?

hello! provide more details, so, we will be able to resolve that. what ad networks, how did you setup it, screenshot of how you input ids and etc.

I edited this part:

<key>Apple iOS App Store</key> <dict> <key>iAds</key> <string>0</string> <key>adMobBanner</key> <string>ca-app-pub-*</string> <key>bundleID</key> <string>com.*.</string> <key>nameOnDevice</key> <string>My app name</string> <key>shareMessageTemplate</key> <string>I enjoy this awesome game.</string> <key>reviewLink</key> <string>REVIEW_LINK</string>

Can you give me your email for faster communication?

yes, timur@justforward.co But, please, provide more details. it’s really difficult to support without any details

Hi, before I buy, I need to know this game can change sound?

When i want to reskin, i need to edit this atlas png file where all items are combined? no way to edit images separately?

I managed to change images, but no i’d like to know how i can change font?

Hello! Thanks for purchasing. Please, contact us via email form regarding this issue. and we will try to help asap