Jumper JAM Admob + Leaderboard +Powerups+Endless

Jumper JAM Admob + Leaderboard +Powerups+Endless

Jumper Jam Game is on of those games that is easy to play but hard to master!
The main purpose of game is to be easy flip reskin and highly converting App.
 Jump and collect Coins, but there’s to many obstacles and monsters that will challenge you to collect those coins.

2 Power-Ups:


Demo APK:

LeaderBoard dont work on Demo apk

AD Networks:

AdMob Interstitial Ads: shown after opening the game and after 3 gameover
Banner ads  :)

How To:

Import Project into Eclipse.
Change Package ID, App Name.
Setup new icons, launch screens.
Change ID for Ad Networks.
Update Review Us URL and More Games url
Change Atlases file with new images
Export Project and upload to Play Store.

this game template is compiled ONLY in Eclipse. Do not use Eclipse simulator. Test either on Genymotion or Real Device. This is a product of BuildBox Project, thus, you will be able to reskin only .PNG images, there won’t be an opportunity to modify levels. If you want to get BuildBox Project then purchase extended license and contact us w/ a proof of your purchase, we will send you BuildBox Project. Thank you.