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size not ok in iphone 6

What you mean exactly? Please provide a screenshot.

If you read the documentation you can find:

“The ZIP package contains the game with 640×1136 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device”

Hello, is there a way to display RECORD on this game? Or in others too? Because I want to put a game as an app on my Facebook Page…

Another question, I need to translate the Rules in Portuguese. Is it possible?

1) This game version doesn’t store user record. You’d need a database and registration feature

2) As written in the documentation, you can easily customize the language editing the language file

the code work with phonegap build or just in web ( online )?

we just test our game for web browser anyway some clients have successfully compiled our games with phonegap.

do you added share score in social media

when i added in desktop optimized automatic and in mobile optimized automatic or need to added wide and high

Game scales automatically on each device you use, both desktop and device

5 stars bro :)

can the project open in construct 2?

This game is created in pure JS/HTML5 and third-party library CreateJs so not Construct2

I noticed the game can only be played twice and then it stops, is there a way to create difficulty levels or are you planning on adding this function?

Actually now it won’t increase to another level, only plays once and doesn’t start again. I cleared my browser/cache didn’t help… any ideas?

What device are u using? What browser?

Great game. Is it possible (and easy?) to only allow someone to only play the game once – so when the game ends it doesn’t allow the player to restart? Thanks

Hi thank you for contacting us! Could you please send an email at with further details? For example, do you want the game to end when the frog has reached all the 5 coves or just one?

looks good, any way to use arrow keys instead of mouse?

Hi! You can use arrow keys as well, try the game with this link sometime codecanyon iframe disables arrow keys

For those interested… Jumper Frog PSDs files are now available on GraphicRiver!!! Take a look! :D :D :D

Can I linked this php? try the mysql works.

Yes! Once you have modified the game you can link it to your database.

pre-sales questions: if i purchase this game, can i deploy it to ios and android? another additional licensing i need?

No, but if you sell your mobile game, you have to buy the extended license.

if i puchased the extended licence, does it mean that when I modify and deploy for both ios and android, I don’t have to pay any additional fee even there are many people downloading them



Would I be able to change the graphics of the game?



Hi! If you want to change images the graphics, you have just to replace them in sprites folder respecting name file, size (only for images) and file type. To help you customizing the game, on GraphicRiver you’ll find all the PSDs


Hi! How can I set custom start points?

Thanks :)

add these lines:

s_iScore += 100; _oInterface.refreshScore(s_iScore);

in CGame.js at line 130

Worked a charm! Thank you :)

;) If you liked our game and our customer support, please leave us an item rating :D

hi there, we have some pre-sales queries, look forward to hearing from you! :-)

1) Can this game be run side-by-side with other HTML5 games within the same app? 2) Are any modifications required to ensure #1 above is made compatible? 3) Is it possible to adjust the sound volume within the game itself? 4) Is the game playable without data connection (ie. self-contained)?


1) you mean an app for mobile? 2) depends from modifications 3) you have to customize the game code in order to add this feature 4) after loading the game doesn’t require web connection

level 2 to not going :-(

Hi, thank you for pointing out the issue. We are already working to fix the game. A new version will be released asap, you’ll be notified by CodeCanyon