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i just bought the jumper game when i export i have this error “CONVERSION TO DALVIK FORMAT FAILED WITH ERROR 1 ” i,m using eclipse luna HELP PLZ

To solve the “Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1” just click on project and remove the ‘Build automatically’ then clean your project, build it and export it.

how can develop game like this Thank you

I’m afraid that this template is a bit different to transform it to the app in the link.

Hi, I just purchased. do you have the Android Studio version?

Hi, I’m having trouble. I even downloaded Eclipse, but I still get an error. If possible can you email a Android Studio version. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have updated the project on Codecanyon. I have converted the project for you and added an Android Studio version. You can redownload the project again in 2-3 days time after the update (V4) is reviewed by codecanyon.

Oh NICE! you’re awesome. Thank you so much!

It is a Nice Game, Thanks for refund the duplicate item. :)

no problem :)

Hello, I bought your code awhile ago, its working nicely But sometimes when you are in the middle of the play Ads shows up. How do I stop this ?

Hello, I put in the code my admob ids. However, ads are not showing up in my app (already in google play). Could you please help ?

sent you an email :)

Hello, how can i add the adds of google in the app?

I can see that the update is now released. I also updated the documentation and the video tutorial. See here:

I can’t change the icon of the app. I change the icon using the format of the folder drawables and it keeps the same. I also have tried with image asset and it keeps the same icon. Greetings

the icon is in drawables/icon. Please confirm that this is correct in your project from AndroidManifest.xml

Look at the mistake I have with the admob banner

The app is designed mainly for interstitial ads (you make more money from them I think because more people click them). I didn’t mention banner ads in the details page for this reason. A good solution would be to move the buttons up from line405:
//home button
        btn_Home = new Button(new Sprite(BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.home), ScreenWidth() * 0.15f), 0, 0, this, false);
        btn_Home.x = ScreenWidth() - btn_Home.getWidth() * 1.2f;
        btn_Home.y = ScreenHeight() - btn_Home.getHeight() * 1.2f;

        //replay button
        btn_Replay = new Button(new Sprite(BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.replay), ScreenWidth() * 0.13f), 0, 0, this, false);
        btn_Replay.x = btn_Replay.getWidth() * 0.2f;
        btn_Replay.y = ScreenHeight() - btn_Replay.getHeight() * 1.2f;

Just increase the 1.2f. I still suggest just using interstitial ads (leaving banner ad field empty). else to move teh banner up, In line 104 add:
params1.bottomMargin = dpToPx(100);
Feel free to change the 100 to any value that suits you

Demo dont working, give a new link to try it.


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