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Do you have some reskin documentation on the game?

For reskin you need change images in .xcasets files, see GP->Resourses->Images->file_name.xcasets.

How do you make so many games!? This one is great! Good job!

It’s just my skill :) Thanks!

Where to change game centre id?

It is done. Sorry, my mistake.

Cool look! Good luck with sales!

When i open my Jump Man.xcodeproj its empty, what do do? pls help!

What font are you using on “Jump Man” ingame?

Helvetica-Neue Thin

How do i turn on iAds? EDIT: found out it was shutdown

Great game. Can you port this game for Android too?

I don’t work with android, sorry

Hey Vladimir. Can u please send me Jump Man with Admob? Im not good with coding. Best regards Simon.