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It’s a very good idea! :)

I can integrate this with my current laravel app?

yes you can just copy files into your existing laravel app, relocate manage gamify page from normal root/manage to controlpanel/manage and in next step call award function with each manage gamify event e.g award badge of id 32 when user account activate. you need $obj.process($userid, $itemid) where item id is id of badge or reward or point or level or credits. we can help you if you need.

Very interesting! I’m going to look more into this. Sounds amazing.

hi can i integrate in another framework ? i use cakephp or codeigniter

soon will be available for codigniter but can be easily translated business layer to codeigniter as core application built using angular js which is unified for every framework.

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

can you tell what laravel version is using in this application?

Laravel 5 or latest version.

great! (click add to cart button)

I’ll give my feedback after I use it, thanks!

Hi - Does the script template to translate into other languages? - Does the script has access password to manage? Thanks!

All text written in pure html template. default (english) if you want to use another language then please translate it to language your site supported.

I think “to do” in this system could be a very nice idea. Eg. Everyday user should do 10points from list. 5 will added by admin, and other 5 user have to add and do. What do you think? good job anyway

This is great. But only if you can do it for existing app. Like this one:

You can use gamify script in any projects and frameworks

Hello, I would like to know if members can give their points to other members.

Hello you could help me to install your script on my website ?

We can provide installation and feature adjustments based on site requirements on additional charge. you can send detail on our support mail.

Hi, I sent you a message on the support mail, did you receive it ?

Any support? Email you but no reply.

Can you email again, may be skipped.

Emailed. Thanks

Dude really? I need migraiton files not SQL, its for commit and pull from my server. I will need to create those migrations manually instead. Can you send them to me over email?

Lack of documentation, this is getting frustrating. I aded the routes, the assets, but still dont know if the database has any foreign key or needs a foreign key to get related to my user_id, Im stucked on that, you should offer the migrations in a proper package to include it. Can you give me proper support to have it working on my current laravel 5.1 project please?

sql files for a laravel project? why not migrations? Is this even supported still?

We converted this app from different framework we are not fully laravel dev so may be in future version we add migration. its not a big deal. we just focus on core functionality which is very complex but provide very easy to use approach for utilizing complex gamification processing in one line of code.

Are you still supporting this project?

Yes we are supporting this project

I’d like to know this as well and if it supports laravel 5.4, thanks

Yes is support laravel 5.4