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Cron doesn’t seem to work using WAMP/Vista/IPv6/etc, why?

From the looks of it WAMP isn’t listening on ::1 (IPv6 localhost) which is what the the cron service will try to connect to (localhost == ::1).

There are a few options:

Disable IPv6 (some Docs here: http://www.ipv6day.org/action.php?n=En.Configuration- WindowsVista), not really recommended.

Change the Juassi-Blog domain from localhost to (or another domain name that has an IPv4 only address)

Enable IPv6 on WAMP

After I install Juassi-Blog v.2.0 the front page shows a 404 error, why?

You must first create a post (found in the admin panel /admin/).

Do plugins from Juassi-Blog v.1.0 work?

No, sorry. There has been much change since Juassi-Blog v.1.0.

How do I write a plugin for Juassi-Blog v.2.0?

Please read the Juassi-Blog v.2.0 Plugin Guide.

I want to add my own content type, how?

Please read the Juassi-Blog v.2.0 Plugin Guide.

I have access to both MySQL and SQLite, which should I use?


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