JTree Genealogy Tree Maker Script

JTree Genealogy Tree Maker Script

jTree script is a complete script with all basic and advance features which allow you to build professional family tree making website using latest web standards including jquery, angular js, bootstrap and php.

Please note that this is not a complete solution. it can help you build complex family tree relationship chart in your application and can allow you to customize it based on your requirements.

Please don't buy if you can't work in jQuery and PHP as its not a plugin to use just like drag and drop due to which we get bad ratings on so much hard work
Script allows user to generate their own professional genealogy or family tree in real time, save it and share with others by making it public.

Tree Live Demo

Live Demo of Readonly Tree



  • Compatibility with latest jquery, angular js and bootstrap 3.0. Easy to use, extend and customizable script (php, javascript, jquery and angular js).
  • Support creating unlimited tree nodes in real time
  • Support creating relationship connects between each nodes.
  • Support accepting the following types of data with each node.
    • Personal Info
    • Photo: can be uploaded and replaced in realtime by clicking on node.
    • First Name
    • Sur Name
    • Gender
    • Author
    • Birth Date
    • Is Living
    • Death Date
    • Contact Info
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Website
    • Home Tel
    • Biological Info
    • Birth Place
    • Deather Place
    • Profession
    • Company
    • Interests
    • Bio Notes
  • Support readonly and editable information modes for each node.
    • Editable: (default option), editable tree can be loaded, edited and save back.
    • Completed: Completed tree can’t be edited or saved further. Its readonly
    • Private: (default option), private tree can be accessible to the author of tree.
    • Public: public tree can be available for public.
    • Smooth Scrolling: If enabled tree can be smoothly scrolled via mouse movement.
    • Draggable: If enabled tree nodes can be dragged and position adjusted manually.
  • Each node can allow you to create multple relationships.
    • Add Parents (Mother / Father)
    • Add Mother Only
    • Add Father Only
    • Add Partner / Ex – Partner
    • Add Brother / Sister
    • Add Child
    • Add Child with xyz partner or ex-partner
  • Multiple types of connect supported
    • Flowchart
    • Bezier
    • StateMachine
  • Save tree information in database including
    • Save tree information in database including
    • Tree information
    • Each node information
    • Relationship information between two nodes.
  • Reload tree in original position base on information stored in database
  • Allow user to create multiple family tree.
  • Allow site administrator to manage all created family tree.
  • Allow site administrator to review all tree data in tabular format. It can be extended to import family data in excel or other standard formats.
  • Jugnoon Membership Script has been used for providing user interaction platform for tree testing.
  • Zoom In / Out through mouse wheel
  • Delete selected nodes.
  • and more