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Does it support HTML table ‘

’ ?

Support for HTML table will be out very soon, stay tuned!

Hi Amzee, support for HTML table has been added, thanks!

Looks nice :-) can it also sort on date like this 19-03-2012 16:15

I will add date support in the next release, thanks!

Hi Ceasar, jSorted can now sort by date, please have a look. Thanks for your suggestion !

This is cool! Make sure to set tabindex as well so it works correct with tab usage.

and welcome to CC!

Very nice! Good luck with the sales.

Hello, I have a date format that is dynamically created. How can I sort by this date format: Example: 12-Sep-2012 , 17-Sep-2012 , 21-Sep-2012

Thanks for your help!

The date sorting does not seem to be working! Even on demo in the download file, the dates are not being sorted. Can you check into this!

Hi Tuneport, sorry for the delay. The date format supported at the moment is YYYY -MM-DD HH:MM, example 2012-09-12. It should be easy enough to convert your date to this format using server side code. What language are you using?


Is it possible to implement a drag sort kind of functionality?

Where the data presented is the current order and on sorting, the sequence is updated?

demo is down..

Hi, can this work without absolute positions?

do you provide documentation or sample to let us exercise ?? TKS

Is there a way to have the background colour static. So when it sorts it don’t sort the background colour just the text.