jsonPlotter - Complete iOS Mapping Application

jsonPlotter - Complete iOS Mapping Application

Create your own iOS Jason fed mapping app in moments using Wordpress as your back end CMS!

jsonPlotter (Wordpress Edition) is a super flexible iOS location plotting app that lets you plot, list and display any type of and/or combination of location based points (cafes, restaurants, cinemas, general points of interest etc.)

Data is fed to the app via an easy to setup Wordpress json feed. The Wordpress backend, when combined with smart in app background data checks and updates, allows you to keep your app data up to date as and when location point information changes.

Locations/entities are presented in the app through Map, List and Detail views with an initial location type “Chooser” view that allows users to choose the types of locations they want to see.

App usage examples are extremely varied and include:

  • A city guide application that segments the locations displayed in the app by place of interest type, for example Museums, Galleries, Shops etc.
  • A coffee shop finder app that displays coffee shops in various cities. The Chooser view can be used to select the City you are in.
  • An app that displays different types of restaurants within a given city. The Chooser view here could select the type of restaurant the user might want to see/find, for example Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, American.

Features Include:

  • Designed and built in Objective C
  • Storyboard setup for easy editing/customization.
  • App Splash Pages.
  • Background fetch ensures that app data remains up to date.
  • Web connection checks to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • List search functionality.
  • SVProgressHUD displays refresh in an attractive way.
  • Flurry ready- simply insert your Flurry ids to track app downloads and usage.

Please let us know if you have any questions using the comments section, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.