JSON Painter

JSON Painter

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If you have ever had a need to read a raw JSON string, you probably noticed that it aint that much human-readable…

What is JSON painter?

This simple jQuery plugin will reformat and colorize any valid JSON, and you eyes will be forever gratefull for it

Here are the highlighs:

  • Formats the JSON
  • Syntax highlight
  • Open / close individual object whitin

  • One js file (3.1Kb) + one line of code
  • Handles both JSON strings and objects
  • Customize the style via CSS to fit your needs

See it in action

I beleive that there is no need to describe this plugin in more details, but if you are intrigued – here is a online demo with code snippets.

The How to guide

Step 1:
Download the script and place wherever you place the java scripts.

Step 2:
Include the jQuery and the JSON painter script in the <head> tag of your document, like this:

        <!-- additional header content -->

        <script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.jsonPainter-1.0.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Note that if you already have jQuery plugin included, you do not need to include it twice.

Step 3:
Create an element in the document that will hold the painted JSON

    <div id="json"></div>

Step 4:
Have fun

    <script type="text/javascript">

        // Transform the data within the element (no params passed)

        // Show painted JSON from a atring
        var str = '{ node: "value", list: [ 1, 3, 4 ] }';

        // Show painter JSON from an object
        var obj = { node: "value", list: [ 1, 3, 4 ] };

Step 5:
If you are familiar with CSS, you can easily define your own styles.
Simply customize the snipper below add it to the <head> tag of your HTML document.


        /** Define gloval style, like font size and family */
        jsonpainter { }

        /** Define how the key will be show */
        jsonpainter-key { }

        /** Define style for each variable type */
        jsonpainter-value { }
        jsonpainter-value-url { }
        jsonpainter-value-null { }
        jsonpainter-value-number { }
        jsonpainter-value-string { }
        jsonpainter-value-boolean { }
        jsonpainter-value-boolean-true { }
        jsonpainter-value-boolean-false { }