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Great script here. Quite flexible. When I place it in the header of my site, each page gets its own independant set of likes or followers. I want ALL likes or followings to be of the same URL , the home page. So no matter on what page of my site they click “like”, they will allways be adding to the main Like count. I have several thousand likes accross the entire site. But the home page has only 340. So it seems that the site is a poor liked site. There are many pages within the site that have thousands of likes. I want to count all likes into one, and if not possible, every like from now on to be the same URL for all pages and likes.

How do you change the look of the FB Like horizontal button w/ count. I would like to make it so the FB Like button looks more like the Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn buttons. These buttons look like html buttons whereas the FB like button looks like a flat image. Anyone know how to change the look of FB button?

hi, i have a problem,

when you go to site: in home page all my social icons in vertical but i want to have in horisontal.

help me to do it.thx

This seems to be a good script. I have one problem, and that it is displaying my social links as an unordered list (with bullets to the left of each one), rather than in a horizontal row like in the demo. I am using the modern share buttons, example4.

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bought a while back. is it possible to have like as one url liek base doamin instead of each page. so sitewide if you like any page it be one domain url etc

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