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Some very nice effects!

Thank you for the kind words :)

Great plug-in worked perfectly on first try. Clean and easy-to-understand documentation included.

Is it possible to export/save the manipulated image?

What do you mean by exporting/saving images exactly?

The plugin can both output a manipulated image as a base64 encoded image (inside an img tag), or inside a canvas element. When working with base64 encoded images, the user can right click on the image and choose save, like any other image. If the image is on a canvas object, you can use the built-in function canvas.toDataURL() to get the base64 code, which you in turn can set as the src parameter to an img element.

If you want to automatically save the file to the client, you should be able to use this library http://www.nihilogic.dk/labs/canvas2image

If you instead want to be able to save the image to the server, you will have to pass the base64 code to your server side code and save the file there. Some Googling should tell you have to do this in more detail.

Thanks for your detailed answer. I meant saving on a server.

So to be clear, I can define a preset in the function and have it manipulate images on my page on the fly?

I’m just getting a white box. Curious if you have seen this before? If not I can post some links for you to look at.

Never seen that before, does this happen in the preview demo aswell?

Demo is fine. Do you have to declare height and width? I’m working responsively so declaring a height/width will be a problem.

Ah, it does have to have height and width. Now to figure out how to manipulate on the fly for responsive images.

This plugin doesn’t seem to work with new versions of the jquery library… this is a problem as I need to integrate it with other functionality that uses a newer library.. what do you suggest?

Is it possible to stack these filters? Like use more than one? What about remove a filter? I didn’t see any built in functions that do this on your github page

I cannot make it work with jquery 1.10.2 the image disapears when an effect is applied