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Great transitions, have you actually created all those transitions?


Thank you! I created a customizable transition engine instead.

Best regards, Mauro

Impressive. Good luck with sales.

Wow, a lot of transitions, very nice!

Thank you! I’m really glad you like it!

Wow! I’m super impressed, about to purchase – did have a question, does it support “Swipe” for touchscreens or will it eventually? Maybe a swipe then it will transition to the next image?

Hi aaron! Thank you! Support for swipes is planned for next releases, I’ll manage to bring this functionality very soon.

Sweet! Purchased! :)

Thank you a lot! :)

demo doesn’t work with IE

IE10, windows 7

Working to solve it…

Bug solved with the version 1.0.1 that is under approval. I think in few hours the team will update the item. Thank you, again.

Very nice that you added so many transitions to choose from, and they all look nice :). Good luck with sales!

Thank you so much!

Hi, I just bought the control because it is great!, but once I download it I found out that the example that comes with it didn’t run, I saw it makes reference to the jsliderpro-1.1.0.js library and that library doesn’t exist in the zip that I download, so I change to the library in the example to jsliderpro.min.js because I found this at the zip and it works. BUT the example doesn’t run over Chrome, can you help me with this?

Hi! Thank you for your message. I’m so sorry for the mistake about the reference. The library, inside the downloaded package, you are pointing to is the correct one. Regarding the problem with Chrome, well, it depends on a security exception caused when you run the slider locally. That’s not a problem if you upload your files on a website, so it’s not a bug. However I’m yet working to solve even that issue in the next release.

Well You are completely right! I put the example inside apache and it worked perfectly, thank you very much for your fast response.

Congrats it is a really good control!!!

I’m very glad you appreciate it… Please keep in touch for next releases.

I want to join all those buyers here who are amazed with your slider pro.

However, I am not a programmer nor do I work with scripts. I hence rely on commercial scripts but which is not geek or complex/complicated to install.

How easy is it to install this slider? How easy is it to change the pictures/images?

Can it be re-sized?

Meanwhile, I look forward to read you shortly. Thank you for same.

Dear Mauro Pesci

Great to hear from you and thank you very much indeed for your prompt response.

I use Xara Designer Pro X to design my software.

In this Software, it allows to have placeholder and then insert the codes. And if needs be then save the page from htm to php.

All my websites are done with Xara Designer Pro.

Indeed, if a Documentation is fully simple, explicit, it’s easy for any non-programmer and newbie to do a script installation.

People who have purchased your products have expressed only positive and good ratings for you and I bet because of your always availability and doing non-complicated BUT professional genius piece of scripts. (Rest assured that I am not flattering you)! I was a Journalist and like to design websites, my passion.

Yes, I’ll be waiting if you say so for your next/coming script on Code Canyon.

BUT, I can’t wait not to support and buy this one and learn from installing with your support as this is how we learn from the hard way.

Best Rgds Akshaye

Dear Akshaye,

Thank you, for me it is the best gratification receive comments like yours, not just sales.

My passion is to create great software and your feedback is so important for me.

Please keep in touch with the next releases because I’m implementing a lot of good new features.

Best regards, Mauro Pesci

I can say without doubt to WHOM IT MAY CONCERN that you are a true professional and with one of the best “after sales services” (for scripts, it’s support) and your always availability as per the email we have exchanged.

Congrats and thank you for being so helpful.

It’s a 5 Stars Rating from me.

Best Regards Akshaye

Hi, can the slides in this script be called via hashtag?


I’m not sure I have understood your question. Maybe you mean if it is possible to show a specific slide via hyperlinks?

In that case the answer is yes. You can command the slider with javascript calls.

Best regards, Mauro


Is there a possibility to reliably enable the slider in full-screen mode? Full-screen as in both the width and the height of the browser.

Best regards,



The actual release of jSliderPro works with a fixed set of sizes. You can change that by altering the “jsliderpro.css” file. However it is possible to set values on the loaded css via javascript/jquery: simply look inside the css keys and find ”.jsliderpro-container” and ”.jsliderpro”.

In the meantime I’ll try to incorporate this behavior.

Best regards, Mauro

Thanks a lot for your reply, Mauro.

I will see if I can manage to alter the files appropriately. I am also looking forward to your updates!

Best regards,


I am using your script to create a page heading. Buttons and Bullets are completely unwanted, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn them off without altering the script, which, in my lack of proficiency, I would probably do with a hammer. Any Suggestions?.

Hi! I have placed inside the package a reference manual. Look at page 9 and you can find an example about how disable buttons and bullets (simply set the “interactive” flag as “false”).

Somehow, although it is clearly there where one might logically expect it, I missed this when looking through the documentation.


Nice slider. Update for text instead of images is available now? Also how to use the slider as a fullscreen slider where the images take the full size of the computer screen?

What do you mean with “text instead of images”? It can manage text already. To use the slider in fullscreen mode you must update the css manually, as describe inside the documentation.

text thumbnails instead of bullet images, that is what I mean

More than two years and we don’t see an update for the vertical text thumbnails and chrome compatibility. Update coming soon?????

Vertical text thumbnails is not a feature scheduled for this slider. I’ll align the compatibility to chrome as soon as possible.

fullscreen update as well soon?

As possible

Can you be more specify about full-screen size for the slider? You said that “simply look inside the css keys and find ”.jsliderpro-container” and ”.jsliderpro”.” which it is really not that easy. Can you explain the exact css and js file to be change where and what containers need to be changed?

What I’m trying to mean is that fullscreen is not supported directly by this release of the slider. If you are able enable it by yourself, you can modify the css. Otherwise you must wait I’ll have time to implement that feature, because it’s not so straightforward to do.

Is Ken burn transition available?

Surely I will create a tool for customizing the animations without having to touch any code, but at the moment while the installation consists of only a simple copy of files within a website, the use of its functions requires writing a minimum of code.

This was three years ago,,surely you have created something now?. I love this

Hi! Unfortunately I had no opportunities to create anything similar to that you are saying. Only I have in my mind the idea to entirely rewrite the code from scratch.