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Ok wow this is the jquery scrollbar I was waiting for! You’ll have a purchase from me before the end of the weekend! :superbashfulcute:

Does it support scrollto by dom element. If it does ur plugin is perfect for me. And I will purchase it immediately.

This is a really good feature request; unfortunately at the moment it isn’t supported, but all it would require changing a few lines. If you purchase the script, I can send you an updated file, and I’ll include it in v1.1.

Hope this helps!

Hi there. I successfully implemented this on a site, great tool. I have the mousewheel plugin also, and that is working, but I was expecting that swiping on my trackpad would also work via that plugin, however it doesn’t appear to. Actually, I can see it move just a bit, but not much. Is this a function of your scrollbar, or the mousewheel plugin? Before I was using your script, I was using jscrollpane and the swiping worked well with that, so it appears to be a part of the scrollbar script. I could be wrong.


Hi Chad,

I was aware that the only way to scroll on iOS and other touch devices was to tap the arrows. I plan to add this functionality into v1.1. Thanks for the feature request!


Ah – thanks so much for the clarification. Can you please post here when this feature comes available so I can get an email about it?


I’ll do my best to remember, Chad :)

Hi! There is touch support? Can I change the style?

There is certainly touch support (this has been tested on my iPhone). You can also change the style if you wish. How to do so is outlined in the documentation included with the files :)

hi, (sorry for english) before to buy this item, i would know if may be possible to implement the code like a multilayer image/div effect (similar to parallax effect). And how it work with mobile browser? (android, ipad, iphone ect.)


Happy to help reveal the 5 star quality of this file ! nice work :D

Glad that you like the script!

I’m definitely happy with the purchase. one question though- and sorry if the answer is somewhere in plain site in a place I overlooked… but is there a way to make the content container and its vertical scroll bar a fluid height through using percentages or the like.

thanks again!

- Chip

Yes, there is :)

It is a work around though. Here is the code I used in the console to do this on the live preview page (you’ll need to click the close button to remove the top frame if you want to test it too). I tested it on the second example with width, the div with class of example2. Simply replace .example2 with a selector that matches your div.

$('#container').width('50%'); //you won't need this line, it is just to let the scroller change it's width when the window resizes

var elem = $('.example2');
elem.width('40%'); //you shouldn't need this line if the element's height is defined as a % in the stylesheet

is supported autoscroll of content?

Could you be more specific about autoscroll? If I understand you correctly, I believe that is supported.

i mean that content inside div where is scroller just start scrolling on page load (autoscroll)?

Hi valic!

There sure is. Here is an example.

Ben :)

    //replace jquery selector with a jquery selector matching the element you want to scroll
    var elem = $('jquery selector');
    //initialize the scroller

    //scroll it to a certain position
    elem.jScroller('scrollTo', {
        x: 0.5, //50%
        y: 0.5, //50%
        speed: 500 //could be 0 if you want no animation

Hello -

I am impressed with the code and have one question: Is it possible to only show the vertical scroll bar when the option showScorllBarOnHover is set to true? Thanks. rlink12

Please check your preview, I can’t load that page.
Does support for Mac?

Simple and awesome