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I installed but I want to know how can I use it for two different Countdown?

I need this to Count UP from a date in the past. Example: The Number of Days Since the Last Accident”. Can you add this to the script? I need a Count DOWN and a Count UP that look the same. PS. My managers want it very soon. Like this week. We are holding off on buying it until it can count both up and down. -Thanks so much in advance.


This script so interesting for me. Let me know I need countdown just on hours-minutes-second without days ?

I have plan to add this plugin to my website here BETon1×2 Soccer Tips into soccer match table.

I will use this on all soccer match predictions countdown before all match start and if that match start will load “Match Started” text.

So the visitors know what predictions that already started and what match that not started.

Is it possible to use this plugin at several match on the same page ?

Looks like the author has abandoned this one, but I’ll ask anyways.

1 – I need something that will not reset on Web page refresh – so if a visitor refreshes the page or visits the Website 30 minutes later, the counter is still counting down to zero. Can this do that?

2 – I need it to automatically reset once reaching zero. For example if set for 1 hour, at the end it needs to start counting down from 1 hour again.

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«Edit your HTML file and include jsCount.js in your header (between the <head> tags)» <script type=”text/javascript” src=”jsCount.js”></script>

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<head> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”home/localhost/www/team-sar/jsCount.js”></script> </head>

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«Add the jsCount wherever you’d like the countdown to appear (between the tags)»

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Hello, How can I change the size of the counter to: 930 pixels(width) x 200 pixels(height)?

Hello, How can I change the size of the counter to: 930 pixels(width) x 200 pixels(height)?

Hello, I am a recent first-time patron. I am not tech savvy. I do not have an html file/code and I wish to have the countdown timer displayed on all of my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Please advise. Is there anything offered, for the amateur/beginner, that explains and provides in comprehensive and insightful terms, fundamental and concise instruction. I am at a lost on how to proceed to achieve the end result aforementioned.