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Hi looks like a great product. Is it possible to have more that one calendar on a page.

If you need more than one calendars in one page, I can do a specail version for you, but this version can’t support keyboard event. Because every calendar in the page will catch the keyboard event. For example, if you press ”->” key, all the calendars will select next day. It’s not good.

Any way, if you need it, let me know.

Thank you for your reply. That’s great. I am not worried about keyboard support at all and will not be needing it. What I need it for is an update record page were a person can update a value as well as say what day they plan to do this task on the calendar and then the date is then feed into the database, and I really like the YYY /MM/DD option in JScalandar. My question is this. I will have up 45 popup JScalandars on a single page. All the calendars are the same calandar simply allowing people to easily say the day they wish to do a task and which is placed as your live example into a form field to be put into the database.

Would this be a problem? Would the JS calendar simply use 1 calendar that is called in a popup for all 45 or would it be 45 individual calandars ( which would concerns me because of slow loading etc) Thank you so much for getting back to me and for you offer I really appreciate it. Thank you

If all the calendar don’t be shown at same time, now version can do it. eg: you click button1, calendar1 is shown. then you click button2, calendar1 is hidden, calendar2 is shown. At the same time, only one calendar is shown in the page. In fact, in this condition, only a calendar, but it can support many input field. You don’t want to submit calendar, just date value. So, I think it can match your requirement. Any problem, you can contact me with email:

Thank you so much for your help. That’s Great.

Where would I add an event when a date is clicked? I want to direct it to a page of events for that day. So I need to put the date in a querystring like this:


Something like that. Thanks

Search “date.onclick = function(event){” in the source, you can add your event in the bottom of the function.


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Is it possible to reduce the size of the calendar and/or remove the week number column?


Hello there. Here it goes some ideias: 1. Select start and end date, in separate fields > like for events 2. Possibility to have disabled past dates. 3. Possibility to have multiples disables dates (to connect to MySQL in the future, maybe to receive the events). 4. Possibility to choose hours.

The most important idea is having differents datepickers in the same page.

do you have any datetimepicker?

Nice job, very helpful !

What do I need in the Body if I only have one Date Field named FullDate?

I am going to buy this, first can I just check…I want to use it for a system where users message other users with 1-2-1 requests and then the idea is to put the 1-2-1 as an event in the calender and each user has their own version of the calender, is it possible to do this? If so how easy do you think it would be to integrate it with such a system?

Great Work! Good Luck!!!