Bolt - Build WordPress Interfaces Quickly

Bolt - Build WordPress Interfaces Quickly


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Bolt was developed to work for everyone, with no coding required. Use the interface builder to create user interfaces in real time and publish them with one click. When you’re finished, display your fields using the included shortcodes.


Bolt uses native meta fields, providing you with powerful data querying native to WordPress. In addition, use one of the specialized meta field functions to output different types of data exactly how you want.

Interface Builder

Create a wide variety of fields using the interface builder. Preview layouts instantly while adding and removing items, tweaking text and settings, and sorting options.

Flexible Fields and Layout

Use repeating fields, columns, and tabbed layouts to build flexible, powerful interfaces that take your WordPress site to the next level.

Group Security

Restrict meta groups using WordPress’s roles and capabilities, and limit group visibility by page, post type, user, and taxonomy.

Importing and Exporting

Export field groups for use in themes and plugins, and import fields for easy portability to other WordPress sites.

Theme and Plugin Support

Bolt works with themes and plugins, and fields can be included as a required item for both

Supported Fields

  • Image Galleries
  • Repeating fields (for variable data)
  • Image and File Pickers
  • Standard Text and Textareas
  • Radio and Checkbox Options
  • Select Dropdowns (including support for multiple selection dropdowns)
  • Live search any post type
  • Tabbed and column driven layouts
  • Variety of functions and shortcodes for displaying fields quickly

Repeating Fields

Example of Repeating Fields

How many times have you needed to get variable amounts of the same information for different posts (phone numbers, addresses, skills, etc)? Usually, you would set an upper limit (say 10 possible fields), and only end up using one of them. With variable fields, you can keep adding new blocks of information and display them on your website. Simply setup a template of standard options, and Bolt takes care of the rest.

Customer Support

When you purchase Bolt, you get support directly from the plugin author. Use the documentation and our support line to get answers to your questions, quickly.