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How can i Generate a HQ Design from my current Design?

1- Open App URL: http://www.nhstudio.de/download/JS/Print-Designer
2- Make your Design and save it with a valid email
3- copy the design code you’ve recieved in email after save design
4- Open Generator URL: http://www.nhstudio.de/download/JS/Print-Designer/printGenerator.php
5- Load Front or Back Side and save each one
6 – Open App folder under your server
7 – Open Design Folder(this is same as designCode)
8- There you will find generated HQ designs

Live Sample – a BusinessCard with Two Sides Desing code: nhstudioCard1450266679599
HQ FrontSide
HQ BackSide

How can i remove Background Template in my HQ design?

Background Templates can be remove, just by adding follwoing two line of codes in printGenerator.php:

function loadfHQDesign(){ _designCanvasFront.setActiveGroup(new fabric.Group(_designCanvasFront.getObjects(),{scaleX:_scale, scaleY:_scale, left:_fHQLeft, top:_fHQTop})).renderAll(); _designCanvasFront.forEachObject(function(o) { o.selectable = false; }); _designCanvasFront.backgroundImageOpacity = 0; (THIS LINE SHOULD BE ADD) _designCanvasFront.deactivateAll().renderAll(); _designCanvasFront.calcOffset(); $('#canvasFront').css('opacity',1); $('#HQblockArea').fadeOut(); } function loadbHQDesign(){ _designCanvasBack.setActiveGroup(new fabric.Group(_designCanvasBack.getObjects(),{scaleX:_scale, scaleY:_scale, left:_bHQLeft, top:_bHQTop})).renderAll(); _designCanvasBack.forEachObject(function(o) { o.selectable = false; }); _designCanvasBack.backgroundImageOpacity = 0; (THIS LINE SHOULD BE ADD) _designCanvasBack.deactivateAll().renderAll(); _designCanvasBack.calcOffset(); $('#canvasBack').css('opacity',1); $('#HQblockArea').fadeOut(); }

How I remove work Lines (Green and Red) form my Templates?

Remove work lines from Templates:
open designer.js and search following functions and make them comment:
line 198: BusinessCardHLimitLines(); //for Horisontal Businesscard Templates
line 201: BusinessCardVLimitLines(); //for Vertical Businesscard Templates
line 204: FlyerLimitLines(); //for Flyer Templates

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