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Were is the admin tool located?

in addition the same goes for the Flyer one as well, the location of this one is as follows


HQ only seems to work if I delete everything out of the orders folder then create new design then go to HQ… BUG?

send me a link to your live demo+ftp access, i will test this for you.

any way to show fonts in fonts.xml with preview?

no, just for Google Font has this option.

There is NO HD in this product, image created are not HD !!! Don’t buy it before nhstudio resolve…

Even security holes : some fields are not verified, so hack is possible :/.

Hey Envato Admin, please close this account !

Give money back to all buyers :)

Don’t speak for me xemaps, I don’t want my money back. For as inexpensive as this code or many codes are here at Code Canyon, I’d rather tweak the code, pay to have it further customized or decide I have to keep looking. I’ve looked near and far for some code like this and this is the best one I found that fits my needs so far. Images will only go so far as the type and quality you upload and it is made clear where the HQ image is…in the admin area. If you have an issue, fine, but if you want to close your account or a refund, air those complaints privately with Envato. And again, don’t make assumptions you speak for all of us. For the prices of these codes, some are outstanding for the price.

Additional templates, how do I add bleed line markings on new template

In designer.js, there are several functions that create red and green lines on current templates, maybe you need improve this due to your needs.
Search for: BusinessCardHLimitLines, BusinessCardVLimitLines or FlyerLimitLines

from where could I upload any new images ? also from where can I add a new fonts ?

On Design Panel, after accepting “I accept Terms and Conditions” you be able to upload new motives – responsible file in project is upload.js
Fonts comes from xml/fonts.xml

Hi, you did a good job! I have learn more with your code… please let me know how to change the black frame size and style on business card (the black frame on the business card, there are the green frame and red frame and black frame, i just need to know for the balck frame), thank you.

I answerd your support email, no need for double post ;)


cymm Purchased


the plugin seems to work on my script, but All shipments (text, image ect… ) reaches the spam, for ($ email_to) I use gmail . how to Remedy ? please can you help me?

I use my domain email as admin and yahoo email for email_to and email lands in my yahoo inbox correctly, i think if email lands in spam folder, it depends to your admin email not email_to ;)


cymm Purchased

thank you for your speedy return, you’re right, it’s the admin email who posed problem ;)

When i print it saves the file as js_designer_2014 i could not find where its pulling from any help?

I tested on chrome single business card “asdf1437324447355” the price tag did not load. And sometimes on the flyer does not generate the print ready.

Any updates

I will stay away from desk for one week, sure I will check this and write you here when I back.

Got an email…

An update to your purchase of JS Print Designer by nhstudio is now available in your downloads.

What has ben changed ?


“PrintDesigner Bug Fix User made a design and tried order this without saving the design, then with reload the design, price and design informations missed, that was a Bug in designer.js that i’ve already fixed.”

ok thanks for the info !

you’re welcome.

Thank you for fixing the loading bugs with flyer and biz card.

you’re welcome.

After creating biz card loading the file and saving the file in back-end it saves in very low resolution how to increase the resolution and how to save the file to computer versus to the server?

after saving the design, you can generate a HQ design with loading printGenerator.php under your app, here is my live demo:
there you can enter the design code and generate the HQ design, this will also save in orders/designCode/

Take care!

This Never Worked, Never Help received , I am Agree must refund all customers, try the admin sample, you will notice the tool neither work in the demo !, I know is cheap but other people can pay and receive nothing too… :(

Hi danielo725,
First have to say there is no support email from you [username: danielo725] landed by me, i do normally answer support requests under 5 – 6 workdays.
About Demo, let me know which part didn’t work for you, after doing a test design, you need to enter a valid email for save or order, App will send your a design code to this email and you would be able to load your deisgn for editing, save again or ordering, all designs will save under server, so under demo you be able only print the design not download it, the High Quality Panel do needs a valid design Code and the result also will save under server. Hope now the App work process be clear for you.
If after all you still think this is not usefull for you, you can contact envato support, But there are customers using this for serious Businesss under their websites.
Anyway I hope next time you will select the right font size for your comments ;)

Can the end user upload their own logo?

sure, should first select “I accept Terms and Conditions” checkbox from right bar and upload Button become active.

Dear kindly, could you install it for me if i buy it ?

Hi there, installation service will cost you extra and depends to type of installation you need. please make sure if your server has all necessary reqquirments before next step. for any question, you can contact me via my profile page.

but, are you providing full step by step installation with it if we buy ?

There is a help file in download package, you can see it also online:
Simply follow this instructions and just upload app file and folders under your domain, sure some experience with Javascript and PHP will help you more. and read Support for extra questions: http://codecanyon.net/item/js-print-designer/7750853/support

Hey, I want to buy it but i have some questions. as i can see design can be edited later on so it must be save some where? is it saved in my sql?

Accessing created PNG Design or initializing App with a created Design through a link will need code modification in this App.

can you do that for me? i would be thankful and will order it

Hi there, such customizing services will cost you extra, if you need this from me, i will back on desk first at 01.04.16, if you have time limit this is open source and can be done by any freelancer.

I purchase your code it works fine but Im having an issue loading by backgrounds and motive. When I upload them I dont see them right away and I have to make them small and they look bad same for the back ground.

Question 1. How do I upload good quality Motive (can I change the name of this?) 2. How can I upload good quality backgrounds for clients to use 3. how to I create horizontal flyers instead of vertical flyers. I tried changing the code but it did not work. 4.How do I add other products with the right dimensions and vertical and horizontal formats like brochures, door hangers, t-shirts. 5. In the Motive and background area can I add unlimited items for them to choose from to create their flyers and cards 6. Where Motive and Background is at can I add more columns there for example it would read (motive, background, holiday items, girls pics, drink pics etc) 7. I have hundreds of psd templates, is there a way to upload the templates as is and the client can change the font and pictures from the psd’s. IF NOT can I pay you to create something like that for me PLEASE.

Please explain in detail how to fix these correction thank you so much, once you add these items you will have an AWESOME CODE!

I already answered your Support email in Details. No need for Doppel Post here and Support email.

Hello , I may buy this app but i need to know first 1: Did you still giving support on it ?

2: i have to customize the size of the designs, i read that happend in the code… to purpose specific formats ( max 20 ) have you one example of code to show ?

wait for feedback


I already answered your support email.

Hello I want to buy your script, but I do not know if it can be adapted in the French language. Besides, is it possible to propose to you to modify the methodology of use and to adapt to our own way. I would pay you of course.