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aaaaahh ok, i didn’t know that! I have not seen in the documentation!

Thank´s for the good support

no problem, sorry for delay but it was week-end :-P

no problem!!! have a nice week! ...mile grazie!


Does this support:
  1. Multiple file uploads?
  2. Multiple upload threads?
  3. File size limits?
  4. Forbidden file types?
  5. Allowed file types?
  6. File size based on file type?
  7. IP tracking of uploads?
  8. IP tracking of downloads?
  9. Short links (
  10. Hot linking (on / off)

Thank you very much for your time!

it does now (but i will do a release):
3) file size limit
5) allowed file type (so forbidden files are the rest)

what means Multiple upload threads?

Multiple threads means that a file being uploaded will have 2 or more segments of the file uploading, rather than just 1.

So if you are uploading 100mb and it uploads at 100kb/s. But if you upload 2×50mb, it will increase to 200kb/s. Or if the limit of your internet was 120kb/s up, then instead of 100kb/s it would reach 120kb/s.

Make sense? (kb/s = KB/s and mb = MB)

So by having 3, 4 or 5 threads (a file split into 5 segments) the file is split and then joined at the destination once all threads have completed. This is also often used for downloading. I have seen several scripts over the years that offer multi-threaded uploads.

I hope this makes sense to you and I’ve provided enough examples.


yes thank you

When I try to upload a file, nothing happens…!! When I look into firebug I see this:

js/upload/check.php with answer []

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Oow and is it possible to - make the form fields NOT required? - fill the formfield “name” with a id which is passed by the url? so my url looks like this: Is it possible to fill the “name” field with “1234” and delete the rest of the fields like “country” “phone” etc..??

Ok no luck!! Damn….. I also did a fresh (default) install here: The weird part is that this fresh install actually does store the image in my map. The front-end freezes as you can see, try it! Even weirder is that when I change the parameter “script” to a wrong map the upload does work (it says uploaded) the image shows up in the admin screen but nothing is stored in my map!! I would guess this has something to do with the uploadify.php script?! I think this is where it goes wrong with the other modified install. Again any help appreciated

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Does this send email alerts or a download link to email?

Does it support multi-thread?

does it support multi-upload?

i’ll work on those feature in a next future. thanks

Can you develop and API for the App. If yes, at what cost?

what kind of app?

hello! how are you? I bought the package, but I can not go up, nor see anything, could you help me? I leave here the url:

Thank you!

hi, thank you for purchase. just inport .sql file into pachage into your DB

well! and could with that, I can upload documents to pdf? I can not make users delete the content? and how do I stop the default search form.

I also need to translate it into Spanish

Sorry but i don’t understand the question about PDF

what I was wondering if you can upload files with extension.pdf. I also need to translate everything into Spanish.

i haven’t your ftp and so i can’t check the real situation on the file.

when i upload a file i see a js error, do you sure you follow the documentation correctly?

if you want you can contact me on skype for a better communication.

i’ll be available this afternoon from 18:30 (italy time)

ftp data you send mail but not yet received a reply yours

sorry, i didn’t read your email. i try to assist you in this afternon. let you know asap.