JQUpload And Advanced Back-End

JQUpload And Advanced Back-End

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this application provide to store file on server and manage them from a beautiful back-end.
the front-end:

- upload with a progressbar (use jquery ui)
- use plugin uploadify to upload files
- fields validation width jquery-validate plugin
- haight personalization (code and graphic)
- control of size and extension of files
- presonalize wait and complete upload message
- easy to use

the back-end:
- complete control on your files
- use plugin flexigrid for files visualization
- you can delete, download files or view their features
- automatic pagination
- advanced search (default you can search file for their name, their author or author e-mail, but you can expand these params changing code of php file "list.php" 

P.S. this application needs mysql db, there is a backup of it in the package (JQUpload.sql), the database name id JQUpload and the table upload_files.
you can change their name, setting db connection in file inc_db.php