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After quite some searching I found out how to tackle everything. I’m stuck on bringing on the 150×150 thumbnail size image though..

Is this really hard to achieve? I cannot use the script without this change. I spent quite some time to figure it out but it is impossible to change the thumbnail size. I would appreciate your response..

I’m really sorry, but the plugin right now supports just this miniature format, and I really don’t know when I can come back to work on it.

There is an explicit comment in the source code of the plugin, that the only supported format is 75px. Anyway, the other formats available by the API are 100px, 240px and 1024px, not 150px….

This is actually the ‘Large Square’ 150×150 used in I’m willing to pay a sum if you can do this. Please, email me with quote

I have managed to sort this out so no need to contact me with a quote.

Hi, I need help i have this error :

Invalid gallery ID

My flickr id is ok and the gallery id is ok too.

this is my code: $("#idRecentSX").myflickr({ apiKey: "6d1d78715ac212baf7df9538ddaaeb8b", userId: "87390741@N06", galleryId: "87390741-72157631905323629", serviceMethod: $, rows: 3, cols:3, paginator: { enabled: true } });         }); and this the flickr gallery.


Helloo what happend NO SUPPORT ???

Really sorry, but I don’t check this page every day, and without notifications I don’t know when someone writes here.

I think the problem is that you’ve not done a Gallery, you’ve done a Set, and that method of the plugin wants a gallery.

Take a look to this link, where is secified the difference between a gallery and a set: .

Try to convert your set to a gallery, take the new gallery_id and use it in the plugin, it will work for sure.


Hi Eros,

I have recently bought your plugin for embedding flickr into a website and i am struggling with one thing;

I want to be able to change the size of the thumbnail imported into the gallery. Currently the default size is 75px by 75px and I would love to be able to change it to 185px Wide by 245px high (all my photos are portrait). If thats not possible how do I make it 185px square?

VickyG I noticed you were able to do this…could you please let me know how?

Kind Regards Tom

Sorry but the plugin was intended only to support the small miniatures.

Note that the Flickr API itselfs supports only 4 sizes (all squared): 75, 100, 240, 1024.

If you take a look to my not packed code you’ll find a function called $.fn.myflickr.buildGridItem(), in that I’ve commented out the other 3 sizes. You can try to unlock them, just keep in mind it’s not “officially” supported :)

I wish I had more time to put my hands on code again and finally add the support for this…