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This looks very nice. I have a question about linking. Some of the tooltips on the example say “click for more info” but nothing happens when you click, furthermore, when you try to move to the tooltip, it disappears. I need to be able to link to another webpage when visitors click the markers. Is this possible with this code? Thanks!

Yes it is possible with this code, you would need to replace the javascript:void(0); in the href with the link to the page or site. Can you clarify what you mean when you try to move the tooltip?

Hi there,

Like the script and wanted to buy but the demo is not working yo? It says connection reset no matter how many times I refresh.


Sorry about the problems you’re having, have you tried this address: or failing that:

Still can`t. First one is reset and second one is timeout

Very strange, I did find this, I hope it will help:

Thanks for clarifying. When you hover on a marker, a tooltip box appears. There appears to be no way to move the cursor inside the tooltip box (it disappears). My thought was that the text inside the tooltip could include a html link.

Sorry for the confusion, the link only appears on the pin, not within the tooltip.


This can work on mobile devices?

Best regards Nor

Yes it does work on mobile devices, however if you wish to place a link on the pins, you might want to introduce some form of double tap solution.

I saw the demo. i wonder if you have zoom in out. it will be awesome to have zoom on your map.

That would be an awesome feature to add, thank you for the suggestion!!

Hi there – great work. Is it possible to have different styled pins in one map? For example, I’d had a pin that represents a park versus a pin that represents a restaurant. Is that possible? And if so, how do I modify the code for that? Thanks!

Hi, that’s not a feature that the plugin has by default. However, it should be relatively simple to accomplish with some CSS overrides. For the pins you want to have a different icon on, add an additional selector and in your CSS file, change the background-image property for you new selector and use !important on that property. Hopefully this would work.

Great idea for a future release, thank you!

Will this work on an html4 website?

No, sorry. It requires HTML5.


I am curious about the “Pin positioning assist tool” and want to know if I can see a demo of it?

Sure thing, follow this link and hover over the map:

Hi! Have you map of Russia or CIS?

Is this product still available? Where is the demo?

Definitely great work. Goodluck

do you have a working demo yet please?

Hey oz_sprong, we’ll use this plug-in to make communication with our clients. The customers should select a point in a image, choose one option from a drop-down and we’ll answer. Is it possible to use the admin panel with modification?

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