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Thanks also for the freebie, really like it!

Just found a typo in the documentation.rtf file. It states:

Copy this into your function.php ( make sure the path is right ) ( if (!function_exists( ‘regsiter_magnify’ ) ) { function regsiter_magnify() {

Hope this helps! ;)

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Typo will be fixed with the next update.

This is pretty cool, glad I was able to get it for free. :)

I loot of thanks for free sales. I wish a lot of sales too for your products.

Looks great.

One problem: when testing the live preview on chrome there appears a vertical scrollbar only one zooming, one mouse is not over the image the scrollbar disappears. This is annoying because with the scrollbar displayed the whole content of the page is shifted a few pixels to the left.

Thank you for offering this as the free file of the month (July, 2013). Very clever and much appreciated.

I hope it nets you more portfolio views and, of course, sales! :)

All the best!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Wow, this is awesome! And its free ! Thank you very much

You rock thank you! Are you allowing developers to use this in their themes as long as all the copyright stays in tack? Oh, I just saw the one free license notice.

Thank again!

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t get to decide the license agreement.

damn! i press the buy button! can i get the money back? lol

Yes, I guess so.

I never had to return money on here though. Is there an option in Codecanyon? You may have to contact envato support.

If they are not willing to give you a refund, I’d give you the money I earned off the sale back. (Only PayPal possible, though…)

Hopefully we can make this right.

That’s is alright, thank for the offer, i was joking.

Does anyone know how I will be able to add this feature to one of my pages in wordpress? Never used anything like this before

There is a tutorial included in the package, that explains how to add it to wordpress. Don’t worry I got you covered ;)

Great freebie Bastian! Could you tell me how to pass parameters to define an initial value of zoom and hide controls

First, the plugin is truly amazing. Its the best I’ve seen.

One issue: the Wordpress instructions are not helpful as I’m not a developer and have little technical knowledge.

I purchased the plugin and need assistance setting it up. I will be more than happy to pay for this support.


Hi Bastian:

I love the plugin, but is there a way of having the inputs control the zoom and cancel the mousewheel zoom so that the scrolling works over the map?

Thank you very much

please take a look at one of our websites and tell me if this can be used inside of a j-query slider. As we understand, sometimes jQuery conflicts with each other.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

no reply… how sad!

I’m sorry this got buried. Apparently it is working though.