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I have same question as above, can it be done inclusive with package?

Please contact via product/profile page with details.

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1. Can I use it as a standalone website? That is, Can i just host it on a server and get it going?

2. Can I use the shop as part of a bigger projects? do I need to do heavy customizations or I need just to update the links in my website to redirect to the shop?

I want to buy immediately these questions are answered

Answer for your both question is yes.

You just need to configure xmls.

when I launch it via firefox…everything loads just fine but when i try any other browser (chrome, edge, IE) i get an error message “configuration loading failed!’ how can we resolve that?

As it sends ajax request for xml files having relative paths which works ok in Firefox but not in chrome etc, you need to access index.html via local/web server.


Cart is adding $15 from somewhere. My product is $120 + $50 shipping = $170 but cart total says $185. Tax is set to 0.

It’s coming from the options of products. But when I delete the options section the site doesn’t work. How do I remove the options without breaking site?

Just don’t add those options in XML!!

If needed please contact via Product/Profile page.

Found that out a minute after posting :)


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Is it possible to add categories and 2 subcategories? A category is very little

Yes can be, contact via profile/product page.

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The site with +2100 products and 6 categories works very slow

As whole XML gets loaded once & if it has that huge data it would take time!!

I need convert productPrice=”22466” <> productPrice=”$ 22.466,00” format decimal separator. Thanks

Replied via message!!

Portuguese: Na próxima atualização poderia ter paginação. English: In the next update could have pagination

Thanks for your suggestion!!

As whole XML/Data get loaded once there are no reason to have pagination, still we will evaluate this feature in future updates.

In the XML product.xml file located in the data-provider directory, in TAG “details” could load an external file. Type like this: <details data-load=”product-specification.html”></details>

This will change the specific details of a particular product without running the risk of damaging the entire details.xml file.

Its can be, we will think of this possibility in future updates.

If you needed please contact via Profile/Product page.

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suggestion for future update: PAGINATION, sites with more than 2000 products load too slow on mobile devices.


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See this site with +2000 with PAGINATION and format decimal separator. DRIVE XML Too.

Thanks for the suggestion, but we are already working on it, & will reduce this time in the upcoming versions, as currently we shows all the products on the page, which waits for the images to load for better structure management & it takes time as you have that much of data.

In future updates it will be resolved!!

If needed please contact via profile/product page.

Thank you