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Good, could u able if I purchase your item to install it into my php website eCommerce ?

It can be done!! Please contact through the profile page with details.

Thank you

can u pls add a subcategory to category one level atleast to increase the scripts utility . this is good for all .U must have seen any such cms has atleast one level of subcategory. I will surely buy iif uc an do this

It can be done!! Please contact through the profile page.



Is it possible to add extra information pages such as “About us“, “Contact us“ and maybe a “Home“?

Or, can I integrate your product inside a regular website template?


Yes you can!!

Hi. Please tell me how to add a price?!

This is QuoteCart so the prices needs to request via email if you need Shopping Cart cart then you can use my other product

Can I add this into a system I’ve. I’m listing products on a table and I want to include a JS button (just like this) in order to receivie inquires from my products.

So I think this might be useful, but I need to know if I can just insert the button on each product, in order to add it to the cart.


Please contact through profile page with details.

Thank you

Hi livelyworks

This is a really good item.

This is exactly what i am looking for, for my website project.

I will be purchasing this item over the next week or so, when i work on my project.

I have a question -

How does the Quote Cart keep a record of the users quotes that are added to the cart ? Is it just by users web browser cookies or something else ?

Thank you, i will buy this product soon.



Hi Mark,

We use localStorage to save cart data.

Thank you

Hi, Which version of JQuery is the product using for the Bootstrap 3 version

Currently uses jQuery v1.11.3 you can also us 2.x

Can I show ads on the product page? The popup page

Yes can be!! Replied via email!!

Also, is it possible to make each product page show as a separate page with separate link, or only as popup?

Yes can be!! Replied via email!!

Can i try it in my wp back-end before to buy it?

Sorry but you can’t, you need to buy it.

Whenever i click on a category it takes me directly to the top, how can i stop this so that it stays at the fixed height like when i search for a product?

Replied via profile page.

can you use the same quote cart for items in other pages?? ... I mean that I do have several categories in my website, but they are not located into one single page. They are in several pages.

In the other hand how can you add to one more column in the quote cart window. I need to add the ID product number and a photo of the product.

thank you! JESUS FROM PERU

Please contact through the profile page.

Thank you

Dear Livelyworks, I already sent you a message thru profile page. Please answer me … I need to use your template very urgently, that is the reason I bought your awesome template

Hi; I need something like this script but a bit simpler. When you click on pictures it will just zoom. That’s it, no product details. Possible with your script, easy to modfy.

All bests

Product details can hold any html content so Image also.

If needed please contact through the profile page.

Thank you

Hello, First of all great work buddy, I want this utility to be incorporated in my website, but seems js & css files conflicting.. if i try to remove any js file then it doesn’t work..

Please contact through my profile page with details.

Thank you

Hello, can u pls add a multiple subcategory to category, thx

Please contact through profile page.

Thank you

I want to keep 5 products in a row.. how should i do it? i removed search and category part. please reply thanks

Please read help doc for files & you need to make appropriate changes to html/js file.

Please contact via profile page if needed.

Thank you

Hi there, I’d like a change where the user inputs text in a text box for the items they want then ads that to the quote instead of images/pre-populated products, is this possible? if so please let me know how to go about it. Thanks.

Please contact via profile page with details.

Thank you


dnbass Purchased

Hi. Is it possible to limit a quantity of added items? So user, for example, can add only 3 different products in cart and only 1 unit of each?

can be done!! Please contact via profile page.

Thank you

Hi i was wondering if it was possible to add the “add to quote button” separately in my own product display section or do i have to use the one it comes with? . Thanks

Please contact vi profile page with details.

Thank you

Hello, I purchased jquery-xml-product-showcase-quote-cart, but when I opened the downloaded files, I found that there is no instructions how to install this script, there the index.html is not working it is giving configuration error. I need help in installing. which files and directories to be linked to the main page, how to edit the header, which codes to be edited. I am not a pro and need simple and clear instructions for installing

Help.pdf should present in download package, also please note that as it uses ajax request to relative file you may need to access it via web/local server & mostly if you open index.html in Firefox which also works.

Hope it helps.

Thank you