Discussion on jQuery XML Media Gallery

Discussion on jQuery XML Media Gallery

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Today is the 14th day that I am trying to contact you in various ways. I have tried to contact through all channels provided on your website and leaving multiple comments on the Facebook, but you have not responded to any of my letters or comments. Your plugin is causing a fatal error. I have sent you all the logins to my site so you can fix the error. More details about the error

I bought it and downloaded but it doesn’t work in IExplorer 9 and Chrome. It works in Mozilla.

what should I do?


Please open thread on

Thanx, Andrei Dinca

this script works well in ie8, ie9 (ietester) and chrome.

Please provide us link to your integration.

Thanx, Andrei


How can I omit the “loading content…” message between images?

Thanks in advance

This wont work in IE, and only partially works in Safari. What do i need to do to fix it?

Firefox and Chrome work fine.


the gallery is compatible with all browsers, including ie7+

cheers, A


Great work.

I want to place this in a 520width facebook iframe. It works for the big slider (arrows overlay). The small slider—no. Also, the width of the header is rigid.

Perhaps this is a simple enhancement and you can place it as a new version with the facebook selling point.

Cheers, j

Fullscreen preview doesn’t work. ‘Internal Server Error’ ???

Job well done. hmm… well, is it possible to implement something to make it so people can register/login and leave comments under each separate video. Also for each video to have it’s own view count showing how many views each video has. Kind of like youtube but without having to click links, it all XML . I’m hoping this is possible to do with Flash/XML.


I want to buy this component but I’ve got a question: Why videos appear lower than regular images ? Is it something that I can change in the script?


The pictures are centered based on the picture’s width/height.

So if you put a video with a size of 600×340 it’s gonna center it.

Also what resolution do you have? It calculates it based on the resolution too.

Cheers, A

Hi, here you can see the bug.

(you can see it on a 1280×800 or 1440×852 resolution) I have this kind of panoramic photos 16:9 format.

You can see it in the second photo.

Where can I fix this problem in the script?

thank you very much, you can response me in privately from the website.


So , I see the problem, I don’t quite understand what’s the solution that you want. You want the image to have a custom width / height? And the thumbs as well? You can do that yourself, but probably the images will be streched / crunched … destroyed this way.

Another option can be cropping, but the script needs some modifications.

Anyway waiting for your answer.

Cheers, A

No, I don’t need a crop.

I need to resize the images also in the width, because the script now resize the photos calculating only the height. With the height resize you can see the “bug”.

I need to control also the width, is it possibile to inssert into the script, where I can insert it?

I don’t need a crop, i like the way the script resize the image but I need to controll the width dimensions too with this type of photos…

is it possibile to do?

(I’m sorry, I cliked the wrong button) thanks.

Hi AA-team,

I fixed it.

Adding a type=”panoramic” attribute (like you did with type=”embed” for video format) on the .xml file to any panoramic photo.

On “gallery.class.js” I add the type panoramic control, after the embed control. In this way I can calculate in 2 ways, “panoramic” or “normal”, the photo’s dimensions fixing width (for panoramics) or height (for normals) first.

I hope this method can help anyone to fix this “problem”.

thank You for your help! A.

I’ve got a problem. :crying: the gallery makes some mistakes with panoramic photo, because it always fix the height first and after the width.

Can be fixed this “problem”? Can you help me to fix it?

thank U


Can you send me a link to see what’s the problem?

Thanks, A

I’ve explained this already, it doesn’t work fine because it’s on codecanyon servers, anyway i’ve modified the demo version and now it’s working.

Doesn’t work in IE. xOffset is undefined.

what version of IE?

it seems the live preview from the cc server is not working on chrome.

you can also see a live preview on my server here

Demo isn’t working in Safari or Chrome. Is this a problem with the demo or the script itself?

Looks great , good luck with sales.

I would personally adopt Captions on hover, rather than fixed on images. But is sweet

thank you

Nice gallery, good work.

thanks :D


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