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I Also use your SERP editor for magento but when I want to upload both of them some xml files already exist and need to be overwritten.

I wonder what to do.. Overwrite or not?


it´s no problem to use both extensions. The files which needed to be overwritten are for our notification center.

Best regards,

Raphael Laumann

Looking nice and Clean. Thanks.


thank you for the compliment.

Why doesn’t he reply in 7 days?


we are sorry for the late reply, but we are not checking every day all comments here.

Please write a mail to

There you get a support ticket and a developer will take a look on your problem.

Best regards,

Raphael Laumann

Can you please remove the link from the admin main navigation in your next release? I can remove it from there, but the next time you come out with a release and I update my site, it will appear again. Please remove it as it is not cool to have it there. If you want a link to your site, add it as a link in the admin System >> Configuration options for your extension. It is less likely people will remove that from the Configuration settings, and much more likely to remove it from the dashboard main nav.

When I am editing content in code mode, the code window is about half an inch, or about 75 pixels tall. Can you please increase the height of the window? And if would be great if you allow the field to be resized.

Our extensions are downloaded and installed by more than 20.000 customers whitout any kind of problem.

We spend hundreds of hours only for quality checks of our work to make sure that it will run perfect on all customers shops.

Maybe your problem came from an other third party extension which overwrites css or js?

But exact for problems like yours we offer an installation service at:

This we wrote you back around 15 minutes after your support mail arrived us.

I said “You did not reply about my issue.” You did reply, but you had no idea what I was asking. I suppose your English is incredibly bad because what I wrote would make perfect sense, even if ran through a translator. And…. I wrote you back asking for assistance with my problems (again), and then you have since never replied back! This is 24 or 25 days ago.

Perhaps my problem did come from a 3rd party plugin. I don’t know. I’ve since ripped your extension out of my site and implemented CK Editor. Thanks for the lack of help, and talk about BS in trying to upsell me when you really do not know my problem!!!!! Not to mention you did not even write this editor! Does everyone else here know that? I was going to avoid posting this, but you write nothing but BS:

20,000 customers, and hundreds of hours of quality testing? Please.

And what about the ‘FREE 6 MONTHS SUPPORT’ posted on your website? And ‘BUG FREE LIFE TIME GUARANTEE’? It clearly says this on your website.

Hey, this is strong stuff here! like that extention, it sure saves a lot of time and confusion when uploading a picture. I spot a litle bug here, though, while trying to add an embed from youtube. seem to not work in the preview too. anyone note this? got any fix for that?

Hello, can you please write a mail to .

Our support team will take a look on this problem as fast as possible.

Interested. But!

Does this extension work in ALL HTML fields everywhere.

  • I am thinking of transactional emails????
  • Categories HTML in the header
  • Custom variables (HTML field)

Very important, cant see it in the demo.

Hello, thank you for your interest in our extension.

All this is features are not supported, but we put this into our roadmap for future versions.

After installation we cannot click any of the menu bar items anymore in backend. Is this an extension conflict? or library conflict?

Rather difficult to do anything when you cannot click anything

Hello, we offer an installation service which can be found at:

The main problem can be that you installed a lot third party extensions from different companies. If one of this extensions overwrite java script you get a problem. Also you should check if you have set mageto to combine css and js. This option should be set to „deactivate“

If this dose not help please, contact our support team at:

We thikn this i a great effort. And yes it looks beautiful and works great.

But I dont think this product is finished and production ready. Problems we encountered and should be fixed before we will use in production.

  • copy paste in HTML mode does not work (for example from short desc -> descrp)
  • H1, H2, H3 tags are missing
  • Current images from old editor are not found or not accesible. This makes it very difficult to switch (old content is no longer accessible). A solution should be provided
  • I would expect the WYSIWYG editor to replace the current editor EVERYWHERE
  • Many websites uses AW BLOG for blogging. These fields should also use the new editor
  • WYSIWYG for category headers
  • WYSIWYG for transactional emails

Many thanks!! Looking forward to the next version.

Hello, thank you for your message. Please do not send all request double ( here and to ).

Of course the “WYSIWYG” editor supports H1, H2, H3

For this please press the “Formatting” button.

You can add images, with the image upload button.

Our “WYSIWYG” will not overwrite the default “WYSIWYG” everywhere. We have setup this editor only where it makes sens.

“AW BLOG” came from an other third party developer and we can´t implement on other third party extensions our “WYSIWYG” editor.

Seems the developer is trying to run a fast one on us. Free on their site, and 20 dollars here at codecanyon.


Is there a way this WYSIWYG editor could be used for the Contact form that is built into magento?

There is currently no way to get proper formatting on the contact form due to the fact HTML is not able to be used.

How do you use Magento widgets and custom variables inside this WYSIWYG editor?

Is this still being developed?