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I wonder if this Plugin will enable me to provide a guided walkthrough in the WordPress Admin-Dashboard for new authors?

Yes, you can create a guided tour in wp-admin.

the username and password aren’t working on your demo so unfortunately, i am unable to test the product. would you please provide current demo credentials?

Thank you. I logged in but don’t see a demo of the functionality. It just logged me in to the user page….

Sorry, let me have a look!

You should be able to see it now. Please notice that some updates were made and we have not changed the selectors. I’m going to update the tours now so they work, but you can test the plugin and create new if you want.

Can you please do a put me through video, It so difficult to get started with your plugin. I have created two tours, noticed it not displaying on the front page.

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center. This could very well be a conflict with another plugin. You can try and disable ALL other plugins and see if it makes a difference. If it does then we know it is a conflict caused by another plugin. Then try and activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem again. If it doesn’t help deactivating all other plugins you can try and temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme. If that fixes the problem it is a conflict with your theme.

Nevertheless, we will need wp-admin access to properly review this.

Hello. Would that work for a product template page of a WooCommerce page? Let’s say I want all my the product pages to show that tour? So any pages based off “www.example.com/products/...” would have that tour. Thanks

Are you looking to add a tour to a category page or a specific product? It is possible to add a tour to a product page.

That would be to add a tour to every products in a specific page. The website allow the user to customize 2 different type of products. So it needs to be displayed on the editor page (which always have a different URL based off a template, depending on some parameters) of both product, but both tour needs to be different. Example :

www.example.com/product/customize-product-1/... www.example.com/product/another-customize-product-2/...

Does it make sense?

Is it a variable page? The tour, unfortunately, needs the id of the page, post etc. where it is added. So if this is not a fixed page or post (product) this will not work.

Is this plugin still supported? It says the last update was 2016

Yes, all the plugins we sell are sell supported. We have just not added any new features to the plugin.