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I am considering buying this but I am wondering if it has the ability to only have the tour for first time visitors to the site. So basically everyone after the first time is not bothered with the tour and the popups at all.

Thank you for looking at the plugin. The user can click the “do not show this again” and then the tour will not show again next time they visit the page.

Thank you for clarifying this for me. Buying the plugin.

If the user check this box it will not show second time the visitor views the same page \\


I purchased this a little while back and have encountered a problem that I was not counting on, when using a mobile/tablet the tour shows, this renders the tour pretty much useless as the site layout is very different (for example, I have one menu, when you access on a mobile device the menu is in a collapsed state, so the tour attempts to show where it would on a desktop but is unable to do so). Is there someway I can exclude tour from showing to resolutions under X or by screen/media type maybe? Thanks.

Thank you for buying the plugin. I guess your theme shows a different menu in mobile view. Currently there is no option to disable it in mobile views. However I suggest you submit a ticket and we can get our lead developer to look into this.

Good day Righthere I purchased your plugin about a year ago give or take. I’m happy with it but have run into a problem. I’m running buddypress on a network site and have been told that people won’t understand the activity page. Now I want to add it to the activity page to go over selected links to explain what happens there but I believe they are dynamic links and if I login with my personal account it doesn’t show. How can I use this plugin in BuddyPress? Thanx

Thank you for supporting our plugins. In the change log i found this


Can this plugin be added to buddypress? I would like to show around in the how to set up things in the buddypress profile and how to upload images? Would that be possible?

Thank you for looking at the plugin. Back in November 2012 we fixed a bug related to BuddyPress support \\

I think I finally found the plugin I have been looking for! However, the mobile issue is a problem for me. Have you worked in a way to disable for tablet/mobile yet? As soon as this is possible I’ll buy a copy. How does the plugin affect accessibility?

This plugin was developed quite a long time ago and we didn’t consider adding support for disabling the tour on mobile devices. I can submit this to our wish-list, but I can’t promise that we can add this right away.

Hi, I could not find a demo after loging in with demo user.

It should be there :) Website Tour .. in the menu. I will check.

I created a tour and when other users access the tour created, not always all the steps of the messages appear to them

We will need to review your site. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Hi there. I have seen many of these plug-ins and I also bought some, but I have never seen any with with audio ability. AKA ability to switch on/off audio guidance for users wanting audio-help. Is that on the menu? Thanks

This plugin doesn’t have any audio capabilities built in. It is for a visual tour guide.

Hi. Got that. But it would be cool to combine the two. Like “here, in this corner you see your favourite list – try and add a product”. Like that… walk through tutorial.

I agree, but we have no plans on adding audio tour to the plugin at this point. However I’ve added your suggestion to the wish-list. Though this is first time we got this suggestion.

No live demo, just ability to log into Admin. I’d like to see a working tour.

Sorry I was a bit quick.. I see there might be a problem. Let me look at this. Will get back.

The tour works, but the navigation is messed up. We are fixing this now. Thank your for letting us know.

We have fixed it and will release an update shortly….

I bought this over the weekend. When I try to add a new tour, I can see the red area highlighted by the cursor. But there is no sub-menu/message that appears where I can select + to add a tour slide. All I see is the red area and nothing else. Pls advise.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we have tested the plugin in 2 of our developer sites with WordPress 4.5 and WordPress 4.4.2 without any problems. We will be happy debug your site to find out what could be wrong.

Based on your reply, I updated to !P 4.5. I installed plugin, and upon activation, the same thing happened. 500 error and I had to reset all plugins via PHYMYADMIN for the site to be up again. What do you need from me to debug?

I’m terribly sorry, but we use the plugin on multiple of our own sites, which are all running WordPress 4.5. We will need wp-admin access (Administrator) and we will need FTP access (in order to be able to disable the plugin if your site crashes). This way our developers can debug your site and get it up and running.

You can submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Hello, I bought the plugin, but the configuration isn’t how it is in the demo and it doesn’t work. I can’t set the Autoplay and Tour URI. I wrote in the support forum, but noone answering me. Can you please help me ? Thanks

We fixed the problem in your site.

Thanks a lot for this quick solution

Glad we could help you! :)

Hi, I got an error:Fatal error: Call to a member function get_save_post_priority() on a non-object in /home/himenge/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jquery-website-tour/includes/class.post_meta_boxes.php on line 38 how to fix it?

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

This could be a conflict with another plugin or your theme. If you disable ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue? It this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again. This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site.

I had followed your instruction, disabled all plugins and changed a theme, but the issue is still there.

Did you submit a ticket at our Help Center?

pre-sale question: i;d like to test this in WPMU setting but i’d like to know if this plugin can do this or be customized to this.

i will have it to be autoactivate on site creation / network activated and then have the tour showing to new users automatically instead of the user has to be the one creating the tour.

You can use the plugin in a WP MS setup, but it will not automatically create or show a tour in the subsite that you have created in the main site. This would require additional programming.


Can this be setup so that is autoplays when a user logins into their dashboard?

Ideally i want to use this multisite so the user logs into dashboard > plays tour.

Please let me know as I’m ready to buy this! Great work by the way :)

I think my question has been answered above. Can you implement this feature?

Sorry, but we do not do customizations. I’m adding this to the wish list and talk to the lead developer. If a feature gets requested enough times by customers we will normally consider adding them.

Okay thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye out for when its added as without it I cannot use the plugin. Thanks

Hi, I tried your demo, and I think it’s broken. When I do the jQuery tour, it goes to a page on step 3 that says ‘You are not allowed to edit this item.’ and when I try to do the ‘Introduction to jQuery Website Tour’ it does nothing. I tried in both Chrome and Firefox.

Sorry there was a bug, which has been fixed. If you clear your cache and go to http://plugins.righthere.com/jquery-website-tour/ – then you will see the tour. Thank you for letting us know

hello I’ve got the same problem than “canvasay” (which had submitted a complain a month ago) : After I installed your plugin, I get Fatal error: Call to a member function get_save_post_priority() on a non-object in “XXX\wp-content\plugins\jquery-website-tour\includes\class.post_meta_boxes.php” on line 38 . I didn’t find the answer you made to him in your support forum, in fact there is no section for this plugin in your support center … It will be simple if you could open one section with some resolved cases instead of to ask people to send you a ticket. Thanks in advance for your answer.

We have reviewed the new ticket you submitted. And we installed the plugin in your website and created a little demo tour without any problems. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I just check my website and thanks very much, I haven’t test all the functions yet, just the webtour you made, but it seems to work perfectly.

However, I had check the source code to see why it was not working in the first place and made this “fatal error” and I discover that it was because you didn’t update your plugin in the Envato MarketPlace.

The plugin you had set up in my WordPress admin is Version:, and the one you provide in CodeCanyon is Version: (jquery-website-tour.php)

Also, as far as I can see the line of code which was causing these troubles has been removed in your new version (jquery-website-tour/includes/class.post_meta_boxes.php ) (line 37) global $rhc_plugin; (line 38) add_action(‘save_post’, array(&$this,’save_post’), $rhc_plugin->get_save_post_priority(), 2 );

Thanks a lot for your effective support, I will make my comments and rating in few days ;)

Let me look into this asap. And make sure the version released is the same. Sorry for the inconvenience. Glad it works on your site now :)

Hi! I can’t start the guided tour because I can’t see the “play” and “next” buttons in the pop-up. When I looked at the demo, I found out that I’m missing two menus in the plugin. They control “navigation”, “autoplay” etc. Contacted the support two days ago, but no answers… Am I missing some files? Tried to upload via Filezilla as well, but same problem. Any ideas?

My request at the help center has ID #6760

Thank you.

We have reviewed your ticket and added some comments.

I just purchased this and realized it doesn’t work on mobile like it should. Do you have any update to fix this soon.

Thank you for buying the plugin. Originally this was developed with the desktop in mind. I can ask our CSS specialist to look at this, however, if this requires Javascript changes etc.. then it is not something we can prioritize at this moment. I will add this to the wishlist. If this causes you to not be able to use the plugin I would ask you to request a refund. The license key will then be invalidated, so you can’t update the plugin and the download removed from your Codecanyon account.

Lets see what our CSS specialist says.

Thank you for your prompt support. I submitted the refund request. I hope you add the wishlist in the near future. This is a great plugin. I just needed a few extra things. Thank you.

All done!