Discussion on jQuery Weather Forecaster

Discussion on jQuery Weather Forecaster

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Your script does not work. Fix it our i will be requesting a refund

As per my demo, it is still working as expected:

Can you please provide a link to your page where it is not working or more information so I can investigate your issue? If not, I will be happy to refund the purchase.

Cant get this working at all you say to get a API Key from I got that and it still wont work , on your help Options page it tells you to get at API Key from

I don’t understand it at all

just sent a message

Your code is not declaring what needs to use the script. In your init.js file, you need to wrap what you have with something like this:
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
      ...your existing code here

Make sure the #example1, matches the ID of the location where you are wanting to display your weather. Your website has it as follows:

<div class="today" id="example1" />
 <div class="forecast" id="example2" />

I hope that helps.

still not working

I am having same problem like “dqporter”. The script doesn’t load in other script. Like I have CMS and weather doesn’t load even following all the steps from documentation.

ok i will send you.

please delete the link above that disclose my customer project. thank you. and it worked.

I don’t see a way for me to edit the last comment I made. I will reach out to Envato’s admin to have them remove it.


I have recently purchased your weather widget and can’t seem to get the weather to work; can you please asset me… i follow instructions as outlined.

the weather can be funded under the local section…

i’ve made all the known expressed changes… can you review again on your end to see if i’m missing anything…

please and thanks much in advance

In your init.js file, you have the script tags. Above I noted you should add those but that was when you had the script embedded on the page.

In your file, please remove the <script> and </script> tags are they are only used when you embed the script. Everything else looks correct so once you remove the script tags and just have the script in your JS file, it should work.

I’ve made those changes also…

To make it easier I changed the doc placement and use the text you provided but still no luck…

thanks much

Hello a pre-sale question. Is it possible to display the weather in a different way than the ones you suggest in your examples and make it more simple to enter in a mini header? Like this: Is there a source file where I can work to change or move some elements? Thank you and kind regards. Filippo

If you know css and JS, you can modify the minified source files. It should be possible.

I just purchased your script after using your example with my API key and creating the html test file and init.js Nothing is displayed. what could be wrong

Can you send me a link to your page where the script is supposed to display so I can look for any errors?

Can image be use as the background?

Can the background of this app to be tranpsarent? I would like to place this on top of an image.

Maybe like this

backgroundColor: ””,

will this work?

I don’t get it worked, what do I wrong ? The website

I don’t think you did anything wrong. I think I hardcoded the http version of the API in the JS code. If you open the weather.min.js file, search for and replace the http:// with either // or https:// and that should fix your issue. I will have it updated in the script with my next push.

Many thanks !!! That’s right, I have fix it !

Hello. I am a beginner. Can you provide sample files?

I do not know the programming language and structure well, so it would be good if you could provide a sample file.

You can go to our documentation and our preview to see how to setup the script. You can use the following code to get started, but you need to implement it how we have set it up in the demo and the documentation. Everything you need should be there.



Codecanyon is not letting me properly add code here so on the documentation, I added a sample index.html page.

User should be allowed to choose a city by typing it in. Will buy if you implement that. Thanks.

So, I am working on the ability for it to give you access by typing in a city manually, but I have one question. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible to setup. Either I give you 3 text boxes to type in the city, region, and country or a autocomplete using Google’s API. This would mean signing up for an API key with Google and enabling payments with Google. I feel this is too much for some users.

My question is, can what you are looking for be covered with simple text boxes or is an autocomplete field required? I do not want to add too many options to this because simpler is better, but I would like to add this feature.

Maybe do both versions, then your buyers can choose which one to use according to their needs and level of expertise?

I already have payments enabled on Google Cloud, so it wouldn’t be a problem for me and ideally the autocomplete would be much better but I get where you’re coming from with regards to the complexity.

Hmmm, let me see what I can do.

I apologise for the delay in replying. I tried updating the plugin and now it works! However, I noticed another anomaly: the days of the week are all “undefined” both in the default configuration in English and by setting them by hand in another language. This is my example code:

city: “New York”, region: “New York”, country: “US”, unit: “metric”, count: 2, theme: { border: “none”, }, days: [ “Domingo”, “Lunes”, “Martes”, “Miércoles”, “Jueves”, “Viernes”, “Sábado”, ], lang: “es”, appID: ”...”

So I figured it out. Chrome does not care about the order for the new Date(). Firefox does. I updated the script. Please download the new script when you receive the notification from Codecanyon that it is complete.

Great! It’s work! Thank you

Glad I could help.

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

I just purchased your script and I got the same problem as “giuliost” :(

I don’t know if this can help you but I got free API key that works by itself but not in your script,SC,us&APPID=1c83d0373a0c745a1619588272dd284e

This is due to the free API key not using the 16 day forecast which my script was built on. The new API has a free tier that has this type of forecast. It is a bit more limited on how many calls you can make but it works with the script and should handle general usage. For high traffic websites a paid tier may be needed.

I just updated the code to use the API code. This free tier offers more days for a forecast. It is a bit more limited but should work better with normal usage. Please try it out and let me know if it resolves your issue.

You can get a free account for Weatherbit here:

Hello, I bought jQuery Weather Forecaster plugin and activated the apy key with FREE account as mentioned in your guide. But when I try to implement the code of your examples, I get this error message back: “Invalid API key. Please see for more info.”

The call is this:,New%20York,US&appid=[MY_APIKEY]&cnt=1&units=imperial&lang=en

With the free plan I should have these features: Hourly forecast: unavailable Daily forecast: unavailable Calls per minute: 60 3 hours forecast: 5 days

I therefore suspect that the FREE account, contrary to what you have stated, is not even sufficient for your examples to work. Thankyou

Hmmm, let me take a look into this. Maybe I misread the requirements for the free account. I will let you know what I find.

You are correct and I do apologize. I have a paid account so when I was testing I read the free tier incorrectly and assumed it was added to that tier. I am going to fix the script to use another weather API service that does not cost. Please stand by as I have to rewrite some of the code to match the new API. I wil let you know when you can redownload it.

I just updated the code to use the API code. This free tier offers more days for a forecast. It is a bit more limited but should work better with normal usage. Please try it out and let me know if it resolves your issue.

You can get a free account for Weatherbit here:

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