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looks neat. any option to keep the panel closed by default when the website loads?

Yes – You can dock the menu on page load just by giving the main ul the class of “minimized” Thanks, -Nolan

Looks nice, I like it too. :)

hello. i would like to know if the menu can show expanded, when page loads, for 1-3 sec so users can see it and than colapse and stay collapsed? thanks

That is not an option but I could easily add code to achieve this if you need. -Nolan

great offer but unfortunaly i must say pass….just noticed that is not compatible with ie8 and i really must have one wich is. good luck with the sales

Can the background also be a HTML page or only just an image?

You can put wah-menu on any html page. The image background is just for looks. Hope this helps, -Nolan


if I buy extended license,may I use script in commercial project?

sorry,ignore question! I need responsive solution.

You can use it in one commercial site but not another theme or plugin to be sold.

wordpress version when?

Not in the works as of yet.

Awesome! Got one question though, where are the icons found? I wanted to change them but cannot for the life of me find them? It is probably something I have overlooked, can I get some help on this my friend?

Also, it isnt allowing Youtube Videos to show up? Is this a glitch as well?

 <span class="icon">🔋</span>
The span with the “icon” class is the Entypo icon element. Change the content inside to the Icon you wish. See for the icon character maps to use.

For some reason Youtube embeds do not show up if they are not visible from the start and since the sub menu are hidden until you roll over the parent menu the video shows up blank. I suggest a better video service such as Vimeo.

it’s possible for the logo on the menu don’t rotate? just minimize…? Thanks

line 264 of the style.css file just change the width property to a larger one lie 100px; Hope this helps, -Nolan

Hello. it makes the logo bigger but the space between the logo and the menu remains the same. can’t i just move the menu a bit lower?

if you add the following to the style.css file it should push the menu items lower:
.logo-item {
    margin-bottom: 50px;
Hope this helps, -Nolan

Awesome job on the menu. I need help installing please comment your email that i can contact you for further details.

thank you

another user said “i would like to know if the menu can show expanded, when page loads, for 1-3 sec so users can see it and than colapse and stay collapsed? . “

Could you help me with that? thanks

Please email me at -Nolan

Hi, Could you convert to RTL? If so, will definitely purchase this. Please tell me when it’s ready and I will make the purchase. Then you could email me the RTL version. Regards,


Please check the email response.

Love this! Can it be docked at the bottom of the page?

Sorry you can only dock on the left or right side of the site. -Nolan

Hi, I bought it, but wordpress isn’t as responsive.

The Wordpress version is here –

Thanks, -Nolan

Plugin doesn’t working on responsive mode. How can we work on responsive?

It does not say that you have purchased any plugin and I do not know what you mean about responsive mode.

hi, i bougth jquery wah menu but it’s not responsive. can you support me about it?

There is a live demo for full testing prior to purchase. You could change the css of the main container to be % width and set a max-width to be more responsive.
.wah-menu {

I’m using this on a project and I’m wondering if it is possible to get 2 levels of submenus? If not, how quickly could you code something up for me?

That is not an option and would be near impossible to add the way the plugin is setup. Sorry. -Nolan