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Hi there – how do I keep a submenu open (on a page load for children underneath a submenu item)?

Also, is there a way to give a menu heading a link (rather than #) and have the childen for it show without the page reloading again?

I tried setting the a href for the parent li to ACTIVE but it didn’t expand the block and also had the background image as on the inactive state?

Hello. I am interested in purchasing this item, but I have a few questions: 1 – Is the menu “Width” customizable with CSS. I only have about 200 pixels to work with. 2 – I went to preview your menu page with IE7 and some weird check marks ? appear next to each menu item. Do you know how to solve this? Let me know, thanks :)


Thank you for interesting my item. Yes, you can change appearance the menu via CSS. The marks is only on my demo site.

hello how to make from vertical to horizontal?

Thank You

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I tried setting the a href for the parent li to ACTIVE but it didn’t expand the block and also had the background image as on the inactive state?

I would like to know if you can keep all the menus and submenus open all the time prior to purchasing this product.

Hi~! Sidebar available?


Yes, you can implement the menu script in your sidebar.


I don’t understand how to install it to my wordpress plz.


Hello Sam,

I sent you support via mail.

Please change menu so that sub categories are always visible.



Do you purchased my item?

Hi Lukasz, I have purchased your drop down menu, and it works great except when I use it with mediaellement HTML5 AV player on the same page ( ). It seems there is a conflict with the jQuery.js files. The menu dropdowns no longer work. The drop down arrows disappear.

Do you have any thoughts on a solution. Thanks for any help. Nick

Here is a test page with the conflict.

The dropdown menu is the one next to my head-shot picture (below the moon picture). The mediaelement video is just below. I commented the conflicting scripts in the head section.

You use double jQuery, please remove one to fix it.

Ah.. I tried to remove yours, but the menu still did not work. I just realized I need to put the other one before your other scripts rather than after. That fixed it. Thanks for your help. Nick

hi I am trying to use this for a application and have following questions: 1- can 2 menus be open at a same time? 2- does it keep its state on page refresh 3- does it keep its state when I click on a sub menu? 4- does it fully support IE7? 5- is it dock-able? thanks

Can you please give an example for the pop-out style shown in the main image?


Thank you for purchased my items. Please contact me via email and explain your question.

Have option Vertical Accordion Menu ?

Can I change the color, can I use icons and is compatible with wordpress?


This is menu script for manual integration with WordPress. You can change style via CSS.


In the sub.htm demo file, I see that you use only n_script.js, how can it work? I have tried using n_script.js without menu-min.js but it was not success.

NOT a plugin! Can integrate in Wordpress IF you know anything about coding – which I dont

Please refund! – code: 542592b4-b283-47aa-a0cc-2c7b152111e4 . It’s not a plugin

Please contact me, I will help you integrate the menu with your WordPress.

Hi, I purchased the product it is great!I have two doubts.How can i open a url from the parent menu? or is there any method to pass a query string from the parent menu? Second i used the menu in an child page but it is expanded all the menu when i start the page.How can i close it duringthe page load? Thanks!


thank you for purchasing my item. Please write me by mail form. I will be happy to help you ;)

Hi Lukasz,Thanks .I want to convert the menu to something like this with parent menu clickable with a plus or down arrow to expand the submenu.Kindly let me know this is possible or not


Is it possible with this plugin to create new menu’s and then add it to a column anywhere on a page or on a sidebar?

I already used the 2 menu’s my theme has and now i need a third vertical menu.

Hope to hear from you….

Just bought jQuery Vertical Drop-Down Menu. I would appreciate some guidelines to use it with wordpress (in a sidebar). Thank you in advance. AN