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This opens up a world of awesomeness for me, thank you!

Thank you for like it .)!

Hi, looks awesome… the possibilities are endless!!!! muhaha

is there anyway to encrypt the key sequences and their results. for example if i just look at the page source i can see all sequences being looked for. and for some applications it may be nice to hide this information.

Hello Cyote, i did’t think about encrypt it ;)! But it’s not hard to change code a little to encrypt key sequences! If you’re going to buy it, let me know and i will send you an other version with this features! Basically, you will have an extra script to encrypt key sequence! That way, if user view source, they can;t read it! Thanks!

This looks great!

Is there an option to display the text users type in? Just users they can see that the text they type is correct (I plan to use like a password to hidden divv content).

Can I get the extra script to encrypt key sequence?

Thanks! – Simon :)

Sure. The problem I canno find script again..I will recode and send it to you! Stay tuned!


Highly recommend this script to Code Canyon users. Very easy to implement. Many different options in the samples.

Also perfect for sites that cannot use PHP or other server-side scripts to protect pages.

Could be great inside a form where you could get it to recognize a specific word in any field to then trigger the display of hidden fields (inside a div tag).

Five stars.

Hello! I have big trouble… I want to use this script for adding HotKeys for Menu. I use, for example, “s” key for “Settings”. But if I type “s” in input field or textarea – script load Settings page! How I can disable “simple hot keys” in input fields? And leave it for other places?

And one question… Can I use “delete”, “insert”, “Fn” keys?