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Greetings, this looks very good plugins. What would be the syntax to use the function: .load (“mypage.php”, “Name”: “Value”). I would like to load a page inside the modal box. Thanks in advance.

Thank you,

At the moment, you can’t do it.

Would this allow me to enter usernames into a jquery script? Like {$name} I am looking for a form to allow me to enter user names


This script don’t do it.

Nice. Is there a change to include cookie functionality? Thanks

No, There is not a change.

Question: would I be able to feed the modal content via xml?

Sorry, It can’t.

I was able to make it works only with FireFox. I tried: Chrome, Firefox, IE10 and IE8. For browsers that didn’t work, the SelectBox doesn’t show the “label” properly.

I need to ask before buy it, as am interesting to have it.

1- Does it support other language like Arabic ? 2- Does it support iframe ?


Is the form embedded on the page or can you load a login page like login.php into a modal window?