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Hello , nice work ..

can I use it with .live() ? cause I get content with .load() function , so it does not work ..

any suggestions ?

thanks ..

yes, you can replace any bind method call with live, in the source code

Hi Man, nice work on the menu,

Gotta quick question, how do i lets say have tab one open by default when my page loads? is that possible

Like this:
Add class="selected"

Hey Thanks, i kind of had a feeling i need to add it since that class is in your js file, nice item

Anyways thanks!


I am having trouble getting this to work with any version of IE.

It works fine with every other browser, except IE.

It just looks like a lists of the main categories in IE7 and IE8 .

Could you please help me?

Thanks, Brent

EDIT : It seems that I can click the category to expand it but all the styling (css) is not showing up. Thanks in advance for you help!

Hello, i want to buy your script but i have a question: Does the menu work also with an external XML file?

In that way, to change the XML file only once – but the changes work for the whole website.


I like this – Can this be used (and are there instructions for using) this in Wordpress? I desire to use this as a submenu on pages in a Wordpress site (different menus on each page). If not, any recommendations for a solution anyone? Seems as though good drop-down (accordion) menus are non-existent in Wordpress!


I am interested in purchasing this item, just wanted to know whether or not it is possible to have the tabs collapse up as opposed to collapsing down the page?

Please do let me know.

Many thanks

Does it work in IE7 ? Or have you just not tested it in IE7 ?

I have buy this menu for use with whmcs, simple amazing!

Great Work!

I purchased the two tier menu, but I have trouble to activate / link the main-menu to a html > it doesn’t work. When I link the child-menu it works. Any solution?



No support, no answering for requests, my emails are ignored… not good. A pity I bought this script!

Looks sharp, easy to hack, allows a default menu to be opened (may want to mention that up-front… didn’t know that until I opened these comments). Nicely done. IE 7 and 8 shows glitchy animation on rounded corner divs, but that’s not his fault (and it’s not hard to set a browser-specific stylesheet.)

Even if it’s author has fallen silent, it more than served my purposes. Thanks for the hard work!

Works great!! Thank You!!

Hi, I have a problem with the javascript. Yours is jquery-1.5.2.min.js but I have another script I must use. jquery-1.6.4.min.js I can´t use both, right? If I disable one of them only your menu or the other script works. Is there a solution? I´m not ver familiar with javascript :-(