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Hey there, you Live Demo (the downloaded one) doesn’t work.

Hey, Did you open it through localhost?

The demo does work now (must have been my mistake :).

Glad to hear that it’s working. I should have mentioned how to open the demo in the manual.


Nice work! :)

Thanks, Tean :)

Nice work Nickys, good luck with your sales

Thank you :)

Was wondering if you could easily modify the colors of each dot on the timeline (e.g., have different colors for different dots). What kind of settings do you have on your XML ?

Well, every dot has a unique ID “timeline-event-node-X” where X is the number of the event starting from 0, so you can easily use CSS to style every event individually or use jQuery to assign different classes to the different events.

You can see the .xml file used in the example here:

Also, I’m planning to make a video on how to install it and what can you do with it.

Is it possible to read via my Own XML file having Different tag than yours.

For example you have Event Date Title Content Link

I want to have Work Start_date Title Price Link

Let me know if i can read custom XML file. How much work will it need.


It’s a no simple task, but you have a good point there. I should definitely implement that at a later point.


another questions,

In js/scripts.js

There is this code src : ‘timeline.xml’,

can i read xml using a url , just like it will be in similar format, like timeline.xml)

I see no reason not to do it. Haven’t tested it though.

Looks great. Just wonder if the content in the XML would be readable for search engines and get indexed?

I’m not sure about the xml file, but I do know that google searches the .html before AND after the JS is loaded.

Do pre-modern dates work? For example, if I want my timeline to span 1000 yrs beginning from 100BC to 900AD?

Not at this point. For now the plugin supports as many years that can fit on the timeline, spanning from the earliest to the latest event.

This will be added to the list for the next update. Cheers!


Is it possible to automatically show your latest event?



I assume you want to show only the title, not the full content?

EDIT : Either way, please contact me via email and I will explain how to do it, it’s easy.


This is really a great product!! Works really nice..I had support within 1 hour WoW!! Thank you Nicky

Always nice to read comments like this! Thanks for buying and don’t forget to rate ;)

Hi Nickys, I planned to buy your script, but the demo is down here… is it still alive ? Thanks… Vincent

Oh, thanks! I re-uploaded the demo site earlier, but forgot to change the folder’s name.. much thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it in a sec.

EDIT : It’s ok now.

Ok… looks very good.. Congrats… Is it possible to start the timeline BC ? (ex. 9000 years BC) ?

In the current version, no. I will definitely implement that in the next update, you’re the second guy that asked for that feature. Clearly there’s demand :)

ok Nickys, thx for your quick reply… please tell me when you will update it and I will defintely buy this script… Good job…

It will be in version 1.3, because 1.2 is already submitted for review. Cheers


will there be an update/version that just turns inline html to a timeline instead of external xml?

Probably. It’s easy to implement, might even be in version 1.3 (1.2 is submitted for review).

I have updated the plugin with most of the features that you folks suggested. Enjoy and don’t forget to rate :)

thanks for the update going to test the html option

Thanks for buying, and email me if you find any bugs. Cheers

Thanks for adding pre modern dates!

Hi Nick,

Just purchased this item… looks very nice. I need to display the timeline dynamically though, but I could not find any examples that use just HTML /JS to load the timeline i.e. without the xml file… is there an example somewhere that I could use?


What do you mean dynamically? As of 1.3 the plugin can parse HTML and you can use it instead of an xml file. Just check the manual that’s in the zip, I’ve explained it there.


Sorry I missed the doc somehow… that will do it, thanks a lot. Just curious why does it say in the doc that xml is preferred to inline div to spec the timeline? Also, is it possible to get the working sample that uses html? It is always easier to start up with a working example.

At any rate, great item. Thanks again.

Seems like I deleted the demo with the HTML , silly I know. The code is almost exactly the same as in the XML . It’s all divs with the same classnames as the tag names in the xml.

Thanks for buying, enjoy!


Great theme, I was just wondering if it is possible to shrink the boxes that pop up when you click on a date?

Put another way, the box window that pops up when you click each individual dot on the timeline. I would like to make them smaller and have less text show. Also, is it possible to embed videos?

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, J


Yes, that’s easy to modify, and video embedding shouldn’t be a problem if you decide to use HTML , haven’t tested it though.

Just send me an email and I can give you a tip how to modify the code.


Hai nickys. Great plugin :-) Few questions

If I set this.startYear = 30000; to this.startYear = 2011; it still shows the events in 2010. I also don’t understand the function View(options) {

It looks like can set to showHours ect. but all these are not working. Or has this some other meaning ?

Also about the options


Can all this be set in another language like this ?

$(’#my-timeline’).timelinexml({ src : ‘timeline.xml’, showLatest : true, allMonths: [j,f,m ect] }); ?

Thanks. Looking for your answer



I’m not on my working machine right now, so I only speak out of memory:

startYear is set to 30000 initially because it then loops over all years and gets the earliest one (in your case 2010). If you want the events to start from 2011, just modify your xml file, or you can try modifying the parseRawData method, so it parses only the events from 2011.

this.allMonths is just a true/false variable. If there is enough distance between the years (in pixels), it will show months, and then everyNthMonth will decide if it should show every 2nd, 3rd month and so on. I’m pretty sure it isn’t available as a parameter of the plugin like you tried.

If you have any other questions, please drop me an email and don’t forget to rate ;)

Hope I was helpful, cheers!