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Do you plan to export animated GIFs? Do you plan to create WP plugin?

Thank you for the purchase!. I did some tests with GIF images, but since the animations are like 7-8-10 seconds long and the dimensions can be big, the file size became a bit discouraging. If small images are used and fast animations are generated the result looks like the gif in the item description, or like this one here –

For now I plan to create demos how the item can be used with trending portfolio items. WP will wait until the item receives some interest.

hi there, i like your item. Can you allow users to upload their photo & receive their artist image?

Hello. The Editor allows the user to put any image in the source folder, which is then processed to produce the animation map image. Then the source image and the animation map image (which holds the animation sequence) are used by the jQuery plugin to play the animation. The source image must be uploaded by an FTP client though, but the idea is that any image can be used with the Editor to create animation. I just decided against upload script, but instruct the user to manually put the image in the source folder.!/time_lapse_painter_studio

Genius idea. I have bookmarked ready for next purchasing day (payday). Well done.

Thank you!

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot!

very good work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks a lot! How did you find this item? I am curious :)


raypas Purchased

Hello! My purchased code 479676f7-b488-46e8-9f76-b47b19026851

I m trying to make a video record how to paint using RecordRTC-canvas recording library. But without success. The record is empty. Which canvas should I record? You mentioned you’ve done painting record? Do you have any example how I can make it? Could you help me somehow please?

Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Item is not popular :(. I used some capture software that exports to animated gif. I think LICEcap. It captures the screen and has no issues.