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You know the Slide to unlock from the iPhone lockscreen is using a pretty nice animation. I guess that is a little different from what you’re making here, but some CSS3 tweaks would probably be beneficial

I don’t have an iPhone, but I guess you mean that this color move throug all letters. Yes, that might be interesting – when someone starts buying ;) Well you’re right, I’m using JavaScript here, not CSS3 . While there are some nice effects in CSS3 , the main problem is browser complatibility… Let’s hope the old browsers will die soon (but you can’t be an optimis when you see how long IE6 is dying ;)

I looked into it a little and found that they’ve made such an effect to animate text color

Yeah let’s all do our best making older browsers go extinct


thanks for this plugin, I like it very much!

I have a scenario where it would be very handy to have a callback-function for your plugin…similar to the jquery animate method where you can put another function after the animation has finished…

could you add this functionality to the plugin?

thx in advance & keep up the good work!

Hi, OK contact me via email and I will send you such version with callbacks. I’ll update the item also here in a while

I purchased your “lateral slider” and it came with a very informative and helpful text file that explained how to implement it (...that is, helpful after I edited it by adding some line spaces to separate all the jumbled content and deleting lots of extra spaces to make it readable).

Unfortunately for me, this program came with no such file and I’m totally lost. I have no idea how to use it. Can you please explain. Thanks….

Well, it has the help file with useful code generator included (as seen on “Live preview”). It also contains sample.html file. And “lateral slider” isn’t my file actually ;) Cheers

Sorry for confusing the two files and I’d like to formally thank you for going above and beyond to help me get the animator to work the way I want despite the fact that I probably should not even be trying to use it with my limited javascript knowledge. REALLY AMAZING SUPPORT …HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi again,

I just sent you an email about another issue I’m having which is not a problem with your plugin, but a problem with my being able to implement it in the manner I’d like.


Wow , very nice, good job man :) Mouse over escape is “VERY BEAUTY ”

yes true mouse over escape amazing…

Hi, very attractive.. Q., How much text will this work for ?.. or Rather, is there a limit as to the size of the body of text for these effects? many sentences at a time?

Actually it’s rather limited to the single line sentence (of course you can have many single lines – and animation attached to each one) – because every letter is changed into HTML object – so it would be difficult (if not impossible) to handle the animation in multiple lines

Hi, The random explosion function doesn’t seem to work very well for text which has been positioned absolutely. I don’t know why this should be, as each created <span> is itself positioned absolutely. Perhaps there needs to be some extra settings to allow for a top/left position offset?

I could be overlooking something, but I went through and setup the code, I believe correctly. It works great on single lines of text, but it’s forcing multi-line paragraphs to be on one long line. I’m no expert with javascript, so maybe I’m just overlooking something simple. Any help would be much appreciated!

Unluckily it only works for one line texts… As it is based on positioning HTML tags it just won’t work on a long, multiline text

Hello I have to ask this question why would you compress the in the sample file. Thank you

And my logic was about copying the code to people’s projects from the sample file – it’s obvious they should use compressed version, that’s why the link to minified version is there. Uncompressed version is attached for reference.

Thank you for quick response. I unpacked the zip file and the Example file was compressed. I understand about compressing the jquery I do the same when I get code that is not compressed call CYA I will down load it again and see if it was the nut holding on the button. (me) Thank you and sorry for the confusion. amj_Html

I down loaded again and this time it is what I needed. Thank you and if I have not said ^5 for skills.

Very clean design, good luck with sales!